The little beads on the sexy underwear

The little beads on the sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a unique clothing. Their sexy and perspective design makes it not only a substitute for ordinary underwear, but also a strong taste.In erotic underwear, those small and delicate beads are often seen. It is these little beads that make the sexy underwear more charming and moving.So, what are these small beads used?This article will discuss the little beads on the sexy underwear.

Decorative beads

The most common role of small beads on sexy underwear is to beautify clothing and play a decorative effect.These beads can be arranged in accordance with certain rules or patterns to make underwear more elegant and delicate, thereby enhancing the overall beauty.This effect can not only produce a sense of pleasure during close appreciation, but also more attractive eyes at a long distance.

Increased sexy beads

The little beads can also be used to increase the sexy degree of sexy underwear. Through the scattered and distributed of small beads, the original plain design is broken, and the tension and layering of sexy underwear are increased.At the same time, the use of small beads on underwear can also create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere to increase the mystery and attractiveness of sexy underwear.

Improving the pearl of wearing texture

Little beads can also bring a variety of sense of touch to sex underwear through different texture, color and shape.The small beads of different materials and textures feel differently feel, which can improve the texture of the wearer.This feeling can better meet our sensory needs for underwear, and can also improve the temperament and taste of the wearer.


The original intention of the design of sex underwear is to let people’s desire be fully vented and satisfied. The little beads play an important different role here.It is very easy to stimulate people’s visual feelings, so that people have a special teasing and temptation.This is also a unique charm of sexy underwear.

Beads that improve comfort

Although the number of small beads is not large, their position is carefully considered.Little beads often appear on the underwear, presented in the form of embellishment, and does not affect the overall dressing experience.In fact, the addition of these small beads helps improve the comfort of underwear, especially for some particularly sensitive parts, the distribution of small beads can better alleviate the oppression of underwear in the body.

Increase the beads at the level

Compared with the outer dress, the underwear is more intact, more refined, and more individual.By distribution and arrangement, the little bead creates a sense of layering for underwear, making the underwear fuller in size and no longer a flat tablet.This is also a major reason for sexy underwear.

Increased diversity beads

Little beads are not single on sexy underwear. Different materials and shapes of small beads can visually enrich the diversity of sexy underwear and make sexy lingerie more novel and unique.This is actually one of the methods that are often used in fashion design.

Beads that improve underwear grades

The exquisiteness of sexy underwear spans the boundaries of ordinary underwear and high -end underwear, and Xiaozhu plays a vital role here.These high -end beads are essential elements for underwear to customize underwear. They can add a higher level of luxury to sexy underwear, so that the wearer is unique and noble under the co -coordination of internal and external factors.

Overall view

The little beads on the sexy underwear are not just simple decorations, but in various ways to show the multiple sexy and charming charm of sexy underwear, increase their grades and taste, and then enhance the overall beauty.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, the quality and quantity of beads should also be the focus of our attention. They often become an important scale for us to get comfort and beauty on sexy underwear.

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