The main consumption age of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a must -have for sexual life of modern women, and has become an important consumer variety in the market.However, sexy underwear is also a variety of consumer varieties that are different from ordinary underwear. There are differences in consumer targets, prices, and sales channels.So, what is the main consumption age of sexy underwear?Next, this article will explore the main consumption age of sexy underwear from several aspects.

18-25 years old

Young women aged 18-25 are one of the main consumer groups of sexy underwear.Women in this age are keen to try new things, and they are more free and open.At the same time, they have high attention in the fields of music, movies, fashion, etc., and are more culturally sensitive.Therefore, they are more willing to try sexy underwear to pursue sexy fun.

26-30 years old

Women aged 26-30 belong to the age group of initial formation of career, family consciousness, and consumption concept.These women pay more attention to their own image and taste, and their hearts are more mature, and the requirements and concepts of sexual life are gradually upgraded.Therefore, at this stage, they will also choose sexy and delicate sexy underwear to improve their charm and self -confidence.

31-35 years old

Women of 31-35 years old are a period of career and family, and they need to deal with busy work and various affairs.During this period, they also paid more attention to comfort and practicality. The choice of sexy underwear pay more attention to health and moderateness, and at the same time, they will also consider cost issues.

36-40 years old

Most women aged 36-40 are married and children who have children.Their requirements for sexual life are more diversified and deep, and they pay more attention to sexual underwear to meet their own life and concepts on the basis of meeting their needs and partner needs.They also buy more and more sexy underwear, with daily clothing, not only enhance physical beauty, but also deeply highlight their temperament and taste.

41-45 years old

Female 41-45 years old is in the stable period of career, and at the same time has also entered a change in women’s lives.During this period, they are more inclined to make a sexy underwear with the purpose of soothing, soothing and creating a sense of pleasure.It also pays more attention to the health materials, comfort, and detail design of sexy underwear.

46-50 years old

Most women aged 46-50 are at the highest peak of the family, with stable careers and relatively balanced family and social activities.Despite their physical and mental maturity, they also believe that love, marriage, and sexual life are still an important part of life.Therefore, sexy underwear is often the product they are concerned about, and they pay more attention to the quality, style and design details of sexy underwear.

51-55 years old

Women 51-55 have entered a more mature stage and started to pay more attention to their health, physical and mental harmony.For sexy underwear, they pay more attention to the comprehensive matching of quality, health, the temperament of their age, and personality, and pursue a healthy, beautiful and confident life experience.

56-60 years old

Most women aged 56-60 are retired and have entered the late life of their lives. The need for sexy underwear has more considering their physical needs and sexual living conditions with their partners.They hope that erotic underwear will not have an adverse effect on their bodies, and also hopes that with the help of erotic underwear, they will show more happiness and fun to enjoy the life of happy old age.

Over 60 years old

Women over 60 years old are the last age in sex underwear consumption objects, and they also have demand and desire.However, they pay more attention to quality and quality, pursue simple style, delicate texture, healthy and comfortable sexy underwear.They will also consider buying underwear with medical functions to take care of their physical needs.

in conclusion

In general, the consumption age of sexy underwear is relatively broad. From young women aged 18 to women over 60 years of age, women have their own consumer demand and standards.The bathroom market should also make corresponding adjustments in product positioning and sales according to the needs of different ages to meet the personalized needs of consumers and better promote the development of the industry.

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