The president asked the secretary to wear a sexy underwear

Background introduction

Just last night, one of my friends, a secretary of a large company, told me one thing. Her boss, the president of the company, asked her to wear sexy underwear, which made her very overwhelmed.This matter was really shocked.What kind of behavior is the president who asked the secretary to wear a fun underwear?Below, we look at this matter from different perspectives.

Sexual harassment or common requirement?

If we stand on the law of the law, the president let the secretary wearing a sex lingerie obviously sexually harass.Sexual harassment is a kind of gender discrimination, which means that in the workplace, a person adopts some sexual or gender behavior, so that people who are affected by behavior can feel uncomfortable and troubled.Therefore, from a legal perspective, the behavior of the president should never exist.

What should the secretary do?

Considering the pressure and situation that the secretary may face, how should she choose how to deal with this requirement?First of all, she can maintain her dignity by rejecting this request, but this will also bring unnecessary trouble to her work.Secondly, she can take a way to ease this requirement, such as reporting this issue to superiors, or using more suitable and more comfortable clothing instead of sexy underwear.

Gender expression

We can find that both men or women will use some ways to express their gender characteristics in their work.For example, women will choose more gorgeous and sexy clothes, while men will choose some formal clothing.The president asked the secretary to wear a sexy lingerie, which is actually a way to express gender. However, this method is obviously inappropriate, because it will give people a feeling of disrespect and despise women.

Sexy definition

The president asked the secretary to wear interest underwear, which also highlights our different definitions of sexy.Sexy is not only exposed to exposure or outstanding gender characteristics. It should also be an inner feeling and temperament.Therefore, in the workplace, we should always maintain a suitable style, comfort and respect for others.

Why do you do this?

We can also consider this issue from the perspective of the president.Is the president who asked the secretary to wear a fun underwear? Is it because of his impulse to sex?Or did he want to grasp the right and dominance of the secretary in this way?Perhaps it is difficult for us to make an accurate answer, but the president does not really exist.

Pursuit of gender equality

Finally, we must think about how to realize gender pursuit in the workplace.First of all, we should do our best to eliminate some old ideas, such as gender discrimination.At the same time, we should also advocate the construction of corporate culture, and establish a working environment of respect, equality, and harmony through some simple and practical measures.


All in all, the president asked the secretary to wear a fun underwear, which should not exist.As a secretary, you should safeguard your rights and respond to this problem through appropriate ways.In the workplace, we should pay more attention to problems such as timely discovery, prevention and resolution of gender discrimination to achieve better gender and equal pursuit.

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