The story of girls was wearing fun underwear

Tunny sexy underwear

Xiaofang is a 22 -year -old girl. She has been in love with her boyfriend for two years.Their feelings have always been very good, but Xiaofang always feels that he lacks some stimuli in bed.

First wearing a sexy jacket

One day, Xiaofang’s friends introduced some sexy sexy underwear, one of which made Xiaofang particularly heartbroken.She bought this sexy underwear and told her boyfriend.

Boyfriend’s response

Xiaofang’s boyfriend is very interested, and he also hopes that their bed life is more exciting.He supported Xiaofang to wear his favorite erotic underwear, and they decided to try it together at night.

Perfect effect

After Xiaofang put on this sexy underwear, the effect was perfect.She feels more sexy than ever, and her boyfriend is more excited.This sexy underwear makes their bed more interesting and exciting.

Buy more sexy underwear

Xiaofang likes the effect of sexy underwear. She started buying more sexy underwear and tried different styles.She thinks these sexy underwear make her bed more exciting and interesting.

Buy with your boyfriend

Xiaofang’s boyfriend has become more and more experienced in choosing sexy underwear, and began to buy sexy underwear with Xiaofang.They began to show common preferences in terms of choosing colors and styles.

Girl’s inside uneasy

Although Xiaofang has a great experience in a fun underwear, sometimes she feels uneasy.She felt that she was more exposed and fragile in sexy underwear, and she was worried that others would comment on her.

Boyfriend’s comfort

Xiaofang’s boyfriend understands her feelings and comforts her that she is beautiful, and he loves her whether she is wearing any clothes.The trust and security between them let Xiaofang let go of his inner anxiety.

Independent choice

Xiaofang realized that he had the right to independently choose his own clothing and underwear.She began to be more confident, and she was no longer upset with sexy underwear. She thought it was a way to enjoy her body.


Xiaofang’s personality also changed because of wearing sexy underwear.She has become more open and more confident, and her boyfriend also expresses her feelings healthily.This makes their feelings more loving and closely.

The fun of erotic underwear to life

Xiaofang believes that wearing erotic underwear is not only exciting, but also a kind of fun.It can make her enjoy her body, become more confident, and make her and her boyfriend’s bed life more interesting and intimate.Interest underwear has become an indispensable part of their lives.

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