The story of sexy underwear happened

Missing underwear

Mary is a seller of a sexy underwear shop. She is keen to find the most suitable underwear for every customer and allow them to find a balance between sexy and comfortable.

One day, Mary found that some of the sexy underwear in the shop in recent days have been disappearing. She began to worry, so she decided to investigate privately.

Criminal identity

By observing the camera records in the store, Mary found a man sneak into the store many times, and took away some underwear every time.

Mary decided to report to the police, hoping that they could find the identity of the criminal as soon as possible.

Guests who come back frequently

The police quickly identified the criminal, and he was a male guest who often patronized the shop where Mary was located.

Because the man often purchased underwear and created some excuses that after more sizes were required, Mary mistakenly believed that he was a member of a prostitution gang and became more angry.

Sexy or prostitution?

This attracted the attention of the media. They began to report whether the sexy underwear sold in Marie’s shop would encourage prostitution.

However, before answering this question, we must first understand what love underwear is and the purpose of its design.

Cognitive misunderstanding of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is not just for sexy or seduce, it is also a reflection of self -confidence, which can make women feel confident, beautiful, self -esteem, and help improve the shape. It is to increase fun in personal or partner life.existing.

Women’s self -esteem and self -confidence

The improvement of women’s self -esteem and self -confidence is essential for mental health, personal growth and happiness.Although many women wear underwear just to pursue the sexy sexy that they feel uncomfortable, many women think that underwear can help them feel confident and self -esteem, and then pursue their wishes and dreams.

Choose suitable underwear

The key is that women should choose underwear that suits them, not according to the expectations of others.Everyone’s body and needs are unique, so the underwear required by each person should also be different.

It should be clear that sexy underwear is not a tool for prostitution.On the contrary, it can help women become self -confident and wealthy people, while creating a better experience for themselves.

Formally apologize and put down prejudice

Mary officially apologized to the media, explaining the differences between sexy underwear and prostitution.She acknowledged that she also had a misunderstanding of sexy underwear and decided to re -examine her ideas.

In the end, we should also let go of our prejudice to sexy underwear and accept it as a key element for a happy life and more confident.Sexy underwear is not just sexy and tempting.It can make women confident and become a better self.

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