The top ten sex lingerie brand photos in the world

The top ten sex lingerie brand photos in the world

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most well -known women’s underwear brands. Its luxurious sexy underwear design and high -quality fabrics and details are loved by consumers.The brand’s sexy underwear, lace panties and corsets are considered synonymous with fashion and quality.

2. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sex lingerie brand, known for its innovative design and sexy and losing style.Its products include sexy underwear, stockings, high heels and gloves.Brands of photo advertisements often break through the tradition, showing the ultimate feminine charm and sexy.

3. La Perla

La Perla is a Italian high -end sexy underwear brand. Its innovative design and high -quality fabric make it one of the world’s top female underwear brands.The brand focuses on creating the beauty that transcends gender and aims to create more elegant and sexy underwear for women.

4. Bluebella

Bluebella is a British sexy underwear brand. Its unique style, innovative design, and affordable prices are loved by young women.The brand has a wide range of products, including corset, bra, lace panties, stockings, embroidered underwear and bodies.

5. Frederick’s of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood was founded in 1947. It is an American sex lingerie brand. Its sexy underwear design has always been sought after.The brand product line is wide, including suspenders, lace panties, stockings, body clothes, and accessories.

6. Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a Australian erotic underwear brand that is famous for its gorgeous and seductive design.The brand’s product line covers corset, bra, pantyhose and suspenders.The brand has also launched a series of sexy underwear toys to enhance consumer experience.

7. cosabella

COSABELLA is an Italian brand. Its sexy underwear design style is simple and colorful.The products include bra, underwear, suspenders and stockings.The brand uses high -quality fabrics and perfect tailoring to create high -quality women’s underwear.

8. Bordelle

Bordelle is a British brand that is famous for its rich silk and lace styles and inspiration from the design of the rope and metal buckle.Brand products include corset, skirt, stockings, and handcuffs. Its sexy underwear often shows a certain degree of rebellion and adventure.


MIMI HOLLIDAY is a British sexy underwear brand that is committed to creating sexy and interesting female underwear.Brand style and patterns are usually very creative, and they are also one of the best women’s underwear brands.

10. Wolford

Wolford is a Austrian brand. Its sexy underwear is mainly characterized by high -quality fabrics, high -end tailoring and extraordinary details.The brand’s product line includes bras, pantyhose, socks, and close clothes. The quality is very good.


The above top ten global sex lingerie brands show a delicate and sexy underwear world.With its unique style and creativity, each brand has successfully attracted different consumer groups.It is important to choose a brand that suits you. As a woman, having a perfect tailoring and style sexy underwear can make you feel more elegant and confident.

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