There are several types of sexy underwear names

There are several types of sexy underwear names

Sex underwear is a special underwear that can increase passion between lovers.It has many different names, which just illustrates the rich and colorful of sexy underwear types.However, for novices, these names are easily confused.In this article, we will introduce you to the different types of sexy underwear names and their characteristics.

The first category: flirtatious sexy weatherwear

Fasting sexy underwear is the most common type of sexy underwear family.This underwear usually uses lace, mesh, transparent materials, etc. to show the exposed body.Common styles are sexy pajamas, sexy underwear, and sex swimsuits.This sexy underwear is the best choice for beginners.

The second category: SM/tuning underwear

SM/tuning underwear is a special underwear for emotional control and restraining lover.This underwear material is usually leather or other wear -resistant materials.Common styles include leather restraint kit, handcuffs and foot crickets and beautiful leather shawls.This sexy underwear is the highlight of the sex game.

Third category: role -playing underwear

Playing underwear is a very interesting sexy underwear, which aims to create different role -playing experiences for couples.Common styles include nurses, police uniforms, maid costumes, and student uniforms.This underwear allows you and your partner to have an interesting night.

Fourth category: whole body network clothes

The whole body net clothes are usually made of mesh fabrics, which can display the genitals and chest outward.This sexy underwear is very sexy and is often used to tease and temptation.Common styles include net jumpsuit, net socks, knee -length boots, etc.It makes your body a visual food and increases the passion between couples.

Fifth category: nanny/beam milk underwear

The nanny/beam of milk underwear is a beam of chest underwear, which makes the chest look fuller and raised.This sexy underwear makes your chest look more charming than usual.Common styles are lace beam bra and camisole beam skirts.

Category 6: stage clothing

Stage clothing is a sexy underwear applied to sexy performance and stage performance.This underwear design is unique and often has nothing to do with gender. They sometimes show different costumes and jewelry.Common styles are diamond milk stickers, unique bra and black stockings with headdress.

Seventh category: men’s sexy underwear

Men’s erotic underwear subverts the concept of traditional underwear and puts the design details on the style suitable for men.Common styles include tight shorts, leather pants, suspenders, underwear and socks.

Category eighth: tulle night skirt

The tulle nighttime is a sexy erotic underwear, which satisfies the fantasy of women’s Romantick.This underwear is soft and comfortable. It is often made of tulle and lace materials. It is bright and colorful, beautiful and charming.


Interest underwear is an indispensable element in sex games.No matter what type of sexy underwear you like, it will increase the passion between you and your partner.Remember, sexy underwear can make your night more interesting and exciting.

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