Try sex underwear novels

Try sex underwear novels

Thinking of my first trial of sexual underwear, the mood at the time was like the feeling of first love, and I was extremely excited to experience every exposed underwear.Below will share this trial process and experience and gain.

Choose a model that suits you

The first key to try out sex underwear is to choose a size and model that suits you.After trying to see a few inappropriate underwear, I understand how important it is to choose the underwear that suits you.For different body shapes, you can choose different types of underwear. If you have a small chest, you can choose a underwear with shoulder pads, and the chest shape can choose the style without the shoulder.

Material and design determine the quality of underwear

After trying on several models, it is found that the quality of the underwear is very different. On the one hand, it depends on the material of the underwear, and on the other hand, it is also related to the design of the underwear.For example, underwear is more breathable and elastic, cotton fabrics are more popular, and some materials will not only be uncomfortable to wear, but also cause skin sensitivity.The design of the underwear also determines the comfort of the underwear.

The style you like is really suitable for you

Each girl’s form and temperament are different, so it is important to find the style of underwear that is suitable for you.Some people like low -key underwear, while others prefer bright colors and seductive tailoring.No matter what style you choose, the most important thing is to find what you like, because your favorite underwear will make people more confident.

There are differences in unified size

The same size may be different in different sexy underwear brands.Therefore, when buying specific brand underwear, you may need to check your size again to ensure that the size of the underwear purchased is suitable.Otherwise, there will be a negative experience that causes the underwear due to inappropriate sizes.

Balance between quality and price

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is easy to fall into a difficult choice between quality and price.Higher price of underwear usually guarantees the quality of underwear and wears superior comfort; while lower -priced underwear often loses the quality in terms of quality.But it is not a high price, which is quality and excellent. After the overall weighing, the cost -effective underwear is more in line with consumer habits.

Different from wearing during the day is different from wearing in the evening

There are many clothing in the wardrobe, which can provide different styles for day wearing.When trying to put on sexy underwear, pay attention to the obviousness of the underwear and the aspect of suitable occasions.For example, some tedious underwear may only apply to specific evening occasions, while many comfortable, simple, and obvious underwear are suitable for daily wear.

Try new types and styles

Everyone has their own comfort zone. Trying new models and styles can break this comfortable inertia.After continuous attempts, you can find some sexy underwear that I didn’t think of it.At the same time, new styles can also provide more choices for underwear and single products.

Dare to show your beauty

The ultimate purpose of sexy underwear is to show the charm and beauty of women’s bodies. When wearing, you need to have enough confidence and courage to welcome others’ eyes.It is a good thing to dare to show your beauty to others, which can make your self -confidence a higher layer.


Trying sexy underwear is a very happy and exciting experience.In this process, you can find many interesting and fresh things, and find underwear that suits you and your favorite to show your beauty.Whether it is a novice or a veteran, this is a very good experience and incentive.

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