U European and American Infusion Underwear Show

U European and American Infusion Underwear Show

European and American sexy underwear is often more avant -garde, sexy, and more diverse. It is the favorite of many women who love fashion and quality.Here, we will show you the top ten styles and dressing skills of European and American sexy underwear.

1. Play the delicate flower and bird pattern

European and American sexy lingerie patterns are often full of fun and delicate atmosphere.This kind of flower and bird pattern focuses on sexy temptation and romantic atmosphere when designing.With a loose windbreaker or short skirt and shorts, the European and American style with a little literary and fresh atmosphere is interpreted.

2. Fish.com design is more fragrant

A common design in European and American sexy underwear is fish nets.This design can show women’s sexy and temptation, and also have a certain sense of mystery.This style should avoid too tight tops, which can be paired with loose sweater or coat.

3. Red underwear styling is more teasing

Red underwear is another classic color in European and beautiful underwear.Wearing this underwear can make women more teasing, and the sexy sense is unobstructed.With tight skirts or tight jeans, it can achieve good results.

4. Lace underwear increases softness

European and American lace underwear often shows a sense of softness. Lace design borrows very beautiful lace lace, which reflects the elegance and softness of women.When matching, you can choose a transparent lace style, or with a body jacket or lace jacket.

5. Pure color design shows high cold beauty

When women wear European and American sexy underwear, they should also pay attention to matching. Solo -colored single underwear can often reflect a high -cold beauty that cannot be violated.You can choose a dark coat or scarf in the choice of coats.

6. Hollow design elegant and mysterious

In European and American sexy underwear, hollow design often attracts people’s attention.This design can show a elegant and mysterious atmosphere, which often makes people imagine unlimited and deepen sexy experience.When matching, you can choose a loose coat or a transparent lace coat to increase the mystery.

7. Professional level shaping

European and American sexy underwear also has a professional -level shaping underwear. This underwear is tighter and impermeable than other underwear, and the body shape is more perfect and the curve is charming.Avoid tight or transparent jackets when matching, reducing too much exposure and stimulation.

8. The perspective design has extremely high temptation

In European and American sexy underwear, the perspective design allows women to show high temptation, and this design will not be too exposed.Perspective underwear can be paired with translucent and lightwear to increase the effect of see -through underwear.

9. Moderate off -the -shoulder showing a beautiful figure

The off -the -shoulder design is also a common element in European and American sexy underwear.Moderate off -the -shoulder design can not only show the beautiful body lines of women, but also give people a sexy and charming atmosphere.When matching, you need to choose a relatively loose jacket to avoid being too exposed and irritating.

10. Alternative crystal diamond design

In European and American sexy underwear, another more alternative design is crystal diamond design.This design can make women’s underwear more beautiful and brilliant, and also increases the noble and mysterious sense of women’s image.Suitable for simple tops and accessories to increase temperament.

in conclusion:

There are many types of sexy underwear in Europe and the United States, and each style shows a unique style and charm.When matching, pay attention to choose a coat and accessories that are suitable for you to avoid excessive exposure and stimulation. This will not only reflect a sexy atmosphere, but also show women’s elegance and softness.

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