U -shaped back underwear is not sexy underwear

Definition of U -shaped back underwear

U -shaped open -back underwear is a novel style and unique design of underwear.Its rear design presents the shape of the U -shaped back, which can show women’s sexy and grace well.

The function of U -shaped back underwear

The main function of the U -shaped back underwear is to show the sexy charm of women.It shows the sexy of women by revealing the back, making them more confident and charming when they wear.

U -type open -back underwear material selection

The good material not only makes the U -shaped back underwear more beautiful, but also makes women feel more comfortable when wearing.Soft, elastic and shiny fabrics are usually selected, such as lace, silk and satin.

U -shaped back underwear style classification

U -type open -back underwear can be divided into two categories in terms of style:

Belt type: The U -shaped back is exposed on the back, which can adjust the length of the shoulder strap, which can be freely matched with different colors or styles.

Stranger type: Similar to the vest type, not only does the back show the effect of the U -shaped back, it can also show part of the shoulders, but also show the beautiful body.

How to match the U -shaped back underwear

The matching of U -shaped back underwear is skillful, and good matching can make you wear a different style.Generally speaking, it can be paired with various clothing, such as backless clothes, sleeveless clothes, loose T -shirts, etc., so as to produce a very flavorful effect.

The difference between U -shaped back underwear and sexy underwear

U -shaped back underwear and sexy underwear are different styles.Sexy underwear stimulates sexual desire by decoration of sexual hints, and U -shaped back underwear is just a conventional underwear, which is relatively small in terms of sexual hints.

U -type open -back underwear is suitable for crowd

U -shaped back underwear is suitable for women with a slim figure and a perfect body proportion.A petite or obese woman is not suitable for wearing this underwear because it will enlarge the shortcomings.

How to buy U -shaped back underwear

It is very important to correctly buy U -shaped back underwear. The following are the points of attention to buying:

The size is appropriate: the purchase must be required to customize the size for you.

Comfortable material: When buying, be sure to understand its material to avoid sensitive or discomfort.

Style match: According to your own figure, choose the style that suits you.

Maintenance of U -shaped back underwear

In order to maintain the softness and gloss of the underwear, users should follow the following steps for maintenance:

Use a washing liquid to soak underwear to avoid alkaline washing agents. Do not clean it with hot water.

The drying machine is prohibited from drying.

Before drying, dry the underwear with a clean towel, and then dry it.

The price of U -shaped back underwear

Due to the use of good materials and unique designs, the U -shaped off -back underwear is relatively high.The price on the market is usually between 350 yuan and 1,000 yuan, and the specifics should also be different depending on the materials, technology and brands.

U -shaped back underwear conclusion

In summary, U -shaped open -back underwear is a good choice to show sexy sex.But we should also pay attention to the more exposed underwear.When wearing, you need to pay attention to your body characteristics and the suitable occasions to achieve the best dressing effect.

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