Under what circumstances is suitable for wearing fun underwear

Under what circumstances is suitable for wearing fun underwear

Interest underwear is a dress that is used to enhance sexual experience and increase stimuli.Putting on sex lingerie can make sex more interesting and charm.But not all cases are suitable for wearing fun underwear, so you need to judge according to the actual situation.

1. Celebrate special days

When you celebrate special days with your partner, such as Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday, wedding anniversary, etc., you can wear sexy underwear to increase the romantic atmosphere and bring surprises and joy to your partner.

2. Increase enthusiasm

If you and your partner’s usual life are more monotonous, wearing sexy underwear can increase your enthusiasm and make sex life more interesting and exciting.

3. Rich sex life

Interest underwear can enrich your sexual life and increase the fun and creativity of sex.For example, different types of sexy underwear can try different positions to increase new stimulus.

4. Improve sexual life

When you have some problems in your sexual life, such as lack of enthusiasm, coldness, lack of stimuli, wearing sexy underwear can improve these problems and make your sex life more colorful.

5. Improve self -confidence

Wearing erotic underwear can make you feel more sexy and attractive and improve your self -confidence.If you are not very confident in your body, wearing sexy underwear can make you feel more comfortable.

6. Suitable for the taste of both parties

What kind of sexy underwear to choose should be determined according to the taste and preferences of both parties, and we cannot blindly pursue passion and stimuli.If you can’t reach an agreement, you can choose together to make the shopping process more interesting.

7. Not suitable for all occasions

Although sexy underwear can increase the sex and stimulus, not all occasions are suitable for wear.For example, in public places, work occasions, or formal etiquette, it is not suitable for wearing sexy underwear.

8. Safety first

Pay attention to safety issues in sexy underwear, such as choosing breathable materials, paying attention to hygiene and cleaning.Especially for people with a history of allergies, be careful.

9. Follow the fun experience

The main purpose of wearing a sexy underwear is to increase the sense of interest and excitement, so pay attention to the feelings and emotions of yourself and his partner, and don’t just pursue passion.

10. Respect the opinions of others

Not everyone likes to wear sexy underwear or watch sexy underwear, so we must respect the opinions and cultural backgrounds of others, and do not display it casually.

in conclusion:

In short, wearing a sexy underwear is a good way to increase the sexual experience and enrich sexual life, but it is necessary to judge according to the specific situation.At the same time, pay attention to safety and interest experience, and do not blindly pursue passion.

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