Underwear Soywear Brand Ranking List

1. Vitamin underwear

Provide fashionable women with fashionable and comfortable underwear, focusing on designing and producing high -quality sexy and elegant underwear.Its size range is wide and can adapt to different figures.Its style is diversified, including sexy underwear, comfortable underwear, sports underwear, no trace underwear, etc. It also signed a contract with many famous models, so it is favored by young women.

2. Deanfen underwear

This brand has been committed to production and sales of high -quality underwear, socks and sportswear for many years.Its quality has been highly evaluated by the industry, and its style is also diverse. The market is positioned in high -end consumers.

3. South Korea admires underwear

The underwear brand originated from South Korea, designed for Asian women.Its design style is highly fashionable, diverse, from sweetness, sexuality, and rich in effects, functions, and styles.

4.Wacoal and Triumph

Both brands are introduced from Japan. The design styles are diverse, which can meet the different needs of women. Both quality and materials have been widely recognized.Triumph is especially suitable for European and American women, while Wacoalst white -collar female groups.

5. Anlifang

French underwear brands are known for their simple and beautiful design, especially suitable for mature women.Its style has a variety of styles, with different types of sweet, sexy, and elegant, and cater to women in different ages.

6.Aimerfeel admire

Underwear brands from China pay attention to any details of underwear to provide consumers with a light luxury and comfortable experience.Its style is diverse, including sexy, sweet, cute, etc., which is loved by young women.

7. Hengyuanxiang

Underwear brands from China have been committed to studying and developing underwear design concepts and providing consumers with more choices.Its target consumption group is a mid -to -high -end customer, and its style is favored by professional women.

8.vs red powder underwear

Underwear brands from the United States pay attention to visual effects, so they are favored by consumers.Its designer carefully designed a sexy, style, and elegant style, which attracted the attention of a large number of young female consumers.

9.maidah Marka

Underwear brands from Indonesia pay attention to details and quality. Its underwear style is not only fashionable, but also comfortable to meet the needs of diversified consumer groups.Especially suitable for fashion women and couples customized personalized underwear.

10.charms sexy underwear

This is a underwear brand suitable for partners. There are many styles, such as lace sexy lingerie, European and American sex lingerie, bikini sexy lingerie, etc. Its designer’s goal is to bring more sexy, exciting and joyful experiences to consumersEssence

In general, underwear and sexy underwear brands are diverse. Each brand has its own distinctive characteristics. Consumers can choose to choose their own underwear according to their needs and preferences.With the improvement of living standards and attach importance to health, high -quality and comfortable underwear will be more popular.

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