Watch neighbors’ sexy underwear videos


As a sexual underwear expert, it is inevitable that you must pay attention to your neighbors’ interest in sexy underwear.Recently, I accidentally discovered that my neighbors were watching sexy underwear videos, so I learned and understood the mystery of the type and style of solving love underwear by observing and understanding.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear is a collective name, not a specific type of underwear.They may be very rich and diverse, including half cups or triangular cup bras, sexy three -point, etc.The key to design is to make women look more sexy and attractive.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a sexy underwear made of lace fabric.They usually use transparent or translucent materials on the bottom and back.Lace underwear is usually used in weddings, dating and other special occasions, because they are not only beautiful, but also very sexy.


Bid -body clothes are underwear, which can modify the outline of women’s bodies and help them create a more perfect figure.They usually include a steel ring shaping cup, and the body is fixed in the waist and hips, thereby improving the attitude of women.

Tape chest sticker

The tape chest stickers can keep the breasts upward without wearing underwear.This underwear usually uses medical glue. The usage method is to place it on the nipple, and then adjust the best chest effects by adjusting it up and down.

Erotic pajama

Interest pajamas are a special underwear style, which are usually used for sex moments.Their design pays more attention to the sexy and attractiveness of women, usually including lace, grid and other transparent materials.This pajamas are usually made of relatively light fabrics to make the body more independent and relaxed.

High waist underwear

High -waist underwear is a special underwear with a specific design, and its waistline is usually close to the navel.This shape makes women look slimmer.Usually high waist underwear sets some measures to relieve flatulence on the abdomen, but may not like them to make people feel restrained.

Transparent underwear

Transparent underwear can give people a light and transparent feeling, made of transparent or translucent materials.They can have a variety of styles and types, including transparent bras, transparent small vests, etc.Transparent underwear is usually used for special occasions or to show sexy.


Personal vest is a kind of tight and close -fitting underwear, which is usually used to maintain the lines of the abdomen and upper body. In this way, when wearing other tight clothes, women’s figures are more beautiful.This underwear also helps to adjust the proportion of women’s upper body, and it looks more well -proportioned.

Thin underwear

Thinwear panties are a kind of light sexy underwear, suitable for hot weather or pay attention to body shape.Their cushions are usually thin, concentrated in the front area of a fan -shaped, while the subsequent and edges can be extremely narrowed to reduce the appearance of the appearance.

in conclusion

The types of sexy underwear are ever -changing. Each underwear has its special design to meet the needs of women and highlight their sexy and attractiveness.For women who are accustomed to wearing sexy underwear in sex life, choosing the right sexy underwear can make them more confident and attractive.

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