Wear cheongsam sex underwear

Paragraph 1: Introduction -The romantic beauty of cheongsam sexy underwear

As a very culturally impactful clothing, cheongsam sexy underwear has continued to be sublimated and carried forward with the continuous changes in the century, and has a beautiful feeling.I believe that many female friends who like sexy underwear and like cheongsam will be more or less blurred about the wonderful feelings of wearing cheongsam sexy underwear.So today, let’s discuss the details and skills of wearing cheongsam sexy underwear.

Section 2: Material Selection

Cheongsam sexy underwear generally has different fabrics such as silk, lace, cotton, and other fabrics.Generally speaking, try to choose comfortable and personal fabrics, so that the underwear is seamlessly matched with the body, making people feel comfortable.At the same time, the selection of materials must also adhere to sexy, and more privacy, leave a little space, add a sense of fun.

The third paragraph: the choice of color and style

The color of cheongsam sex lingerie is more focused on cultural heritage and style than conventional sexy underwear. Generally, Chinese red, bright yellow, charming and enchanting black, reflect the charm and confidence beauty of oriental women.In addition, cheongsam erotic underwear does not need to be too complicated, it can be designed simply, cutting and decent.For example, choose some teasing styles of hips or some small and exquisite styles.

Fourth paragraph: Show of chest shape and curve

Before wearing cheongsam sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to see if your body variety is suitable for this style of underwear.If you want to make your chest more charming, you can choose some styles with emphasis on the chest shape, and choose the appropriate size and material to highlight your curve beauty.

Fifth paragraph: accessories matching

It is important to match the matching of accessories in cheongsam.Because cheongsam sex underwear often attaches great importance to creative teasing and popularity when it is designed.Then, in terms of accessories, we must also focus on this concept.You can try some gemstones, popular earrings, necklaces, bracelets to match, which will be more in line with the overall character of matching.

Section 6: Choice of makeup and hairstyle

While wearing cheongsam sexy underwear, it is also suitable for hairstyle and makeup.Makeup and hairstyles are the focus of the entire shape. It should not be too obtrusive or too monotonous.You can try unexpected hairstyles. Although it is not a classic cheongsam style, it can add Chinese mood.In terms of makeup, you can pursue more elegant makeup, making the whole person’s temperament more prominent and more elegant.

Seventh paragraph: the importance of selecting the scene

Cheongsam erotic underwear is a very temperamental and cultural underwear, so the scene is also important.The unsuitable scene will reduce the fun of sexy underwear to a very low, so consider the scene matching.It can be combined with some appropriate background items to improve the whole temperament.You can choose some cultural antiques, candlelights, petals, and even some plants for home improvement or sexy transformation.

Eighth paragraph: wear skills

The personal style of cheongsam erotic underwear is more strong. Don’t care too much about matching rules. You can freely play your own style and personality.You can use accessories to change your image, or you can choose to use some simple matching skills to highlight your advantages.For example, high heels, earrings, etc. can improve the whole temperament well.

Paragraph ninth: sexy and cultural fusion

Cheong cheongs sexy underwear reflects not only the sexy and teasing side, but also the heritage of traditional Chinese culture.Therefore, wearing cheongsam sexy underwear can achieve sexy and cultural integration.When choosing cheongsam sexy lingerie styles and scene matching, we must also consider how to make Chinese fun and sexy integration perfectly. It can not only realize their own needs in sexy aspects, but also show their charm in cultural aspects.

Tenth Port: Conclusion — The highlights and self -expression of cheongsam sexy underwear

In summary, wearing cheongsam erotic underwear is different from ordinary sexy underwear. It requires more to design, match and match to reflect the charm and connotation it has.However, when you do every detail, your unique style and personality performance allows the charm and sexy of the cheongsam sexy underwear to show more vividly.

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