Wear sex underwear and go out to buy condoms

How to wear sexy underwear to buy condoms

With the change of the times and the opening of society, wearing sexy underwear has become part of many people’s daily life.However, sometimes we face some embarrassing occasions, such as when you need to buy a condom.It seems a bit embarrassed to go out to the door directly in sexy underwear, so how can we maintain both confidence and ugliness in this occasion?This article will provide some suggestions and attention points.

1. Select the right sexy underwear for the occasion

First of all, it is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear for the occasion.If you plan to go to a pharmacy or supermarket to buy a condom, it is recommended to choose some low -key sexy underwear, not too sexy.This can avoid causing discomfort and attention of others.

2. Cooperate with appropriate clothes

It is also important to match the appropriate clothes when wearing sexy underwear.If you plan to wear a sexy underwear to buy a condom, you can choose loose clothes, such as long jackets or wide -leg pants.This can maintain personal privacy and make you feel confident outside.

3. Pay attention to the comfort of wearing

While choosing to wear sexy underwear, notes on the comfort cannot be ignored.If you wear too tight or impermeable sexy underwear, it will make you feel uncomfortable.Therefore, before you go out, it is best to check the size and texture of the sexy underwear to ensure that the comfort is sufficient.

4. Learn a self -confidence gesture

When wearing a sexy underwear, don’t be too restrained or nervous, learn to be confident.You can express your self -confidence and self -esteem by high -headed chest, keep smiling.This can not only make you feel more natural, but also make others a better impression on you.

5. Avoid excessive contact with others

When wearing a sexy underwear to go out to buy a condom, it is recommended to avoid excessive contact with others.This is not a negation of sexy underwear itself, but to avoid discomfort and trouble for others.If you need to talk to strangers, please pay attention to the control of the tone and the appropriate speech.

6. Don’t pay too much attention to the eyes of others

When wearing a sexy lingerie, you may worry about the evaluation and vision of others on you.However, too much attention to others may make you lose confidence and courage.Therefore, when you go out, don’t pay too much attention to the evaluation of others and believe in your choice and judgment.

7. Believe in your taste and aesthetics

It is not easy to wear a sexy underwear to go out, but believe that your taste and aesthetics can help you maintain confidence.If you choose the right sexy underwear and clothes, I believe your choice will not be criticized or judged by others.

8. Pay attention to the etiquette and politeness of the occasion

When wearing sexy underwear to go out to buy condoms, you also need to pay attention to the etiquette and politeness of the occasion.No matter what kind of environment you are, you must maintain basic politeness and respect for others.In this way, we can get the respect and appreciation of others.


It is not difficult to go out to buy condoms in sexy underwear, but we need to treat them with caution.When choosing a sexy underwear, we should choose the right style and texture, and pay attention to the comfort of wearing.When we go out, we need to maintain a confident attitude, and at the same time, we must avoid excessive attention.The most important thing is that in any occasion, we should maintain basic etiquette and respect for others.

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