Wear sex underwear flowing water

Wear sex underwear flowing water

In modern society, sexy underwear has gradually become more and more popular.Falling underwear is no longer just for sexy and temptation, it can also bring more happiness and excitement to people.Although wearing fun underwear has many advantages, for many people, there are still confusion and doubts.This article will divide the fun underwear into several types to help everyone understand the functions and effects of erotic underwear more deeply.

Sexy style

When people think of sexy underwear, the first time I think of is Sexy style.This style of sexy underwear is based on sexy and attractive design concepts. It is usually made of transparent Sahua, cashmere, lace and other materials.These erotic underwear design and selection of materials make the wearer more sexy and charming.In the SEXY style, there are also many styles and shapes of sexy underwear, such as lace sling underwear, chest underwear, corset underwear, pattern covering underwear, and so on.

Comfortable style

If you are a person who pays attention to comfort and health, then comfortable style is your perfect choice.A comfortable style of sexy underwear is usually made of soft and comfortable, breathable materials, including cotton and bamboo fiber.Those who wear it will feel comfortable and not easy to sweat.At the same time, there are some innovative designs of comfortable sexy underwear, such as a variety of simple and stylish styles.

Theme style

The theme sexy underwear design is inspired by different themes or scenes.For example, wedding, Halloween and Christmas.This is why we can see all kinds of erotic underwear, such as lanterns, sleeves and sexual bellybands, school uniforms sexy underwear, sexy dresses played by Christmas, and so on.

Tassel style

The tassel sexy underwear is one of the most reflected novelty and bold sexual passion.Due to its special design and the existence of tassels, this underwear transforms every pace of the wearer into a seductive movement, reflecting the strange and light effect.


The bras of the bras can increase the mirror and deep effect of the wearer, thereby adding glory to their image.Wide categories, including various models and shapes such as bust, thin breasts, breast enhancement, and clustering chest.

Pantyhose style

Lian pantyhose sexy underwear is a very bold and challenging type of sexy underwear.They mainly use transparent materials, physical sutures, and compressed designs to make the wearer show charm.Although it is very difficult, this is a good choice for those who are eager to build self -confidence and show self -style.

Opening style

Open -file sexy underwear is a traditional classic that runs through for many years, and has long -term market preservation and wearable records.Open crotch erotic underwear is full of creativity and temptation. This is because their crotch is split, which presents their private parts in front of wearers.

Corset style

The Corset -type sexy underwear makes people love with its tight and tight characteristics and the uneven appearance.Since the Middle Ages, the CORSET sexy underwear has been a traditional costume that is popular in European social scenes.For centuries, these sexy underwear has always maintained its elegance and mysterious characteristics.

No matter what style of sexy underwear, it is very simple to experience the advantages and effects it provided.When buying sexy underwear, you need to choose a size suitable for you to ensure the quality and safety of the underwear.In this way, you can enjoy the fun and sexy of sexy underwear to you.

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