Wearing sexy underwear under the school uniform

1 Introduction

In this era of sexual openness and personalization, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo topic.Many young women think that wearing sexy underwear is a way to express themselves, and even becomes a fashion trend.But we have to admit that wearing sex underwear really needs attention.

2. The school is not a occasion of wearing sexy underwear

It is obviously not a suitable occasion under the school uniform.First of all, the school should be a quiet and stable occasion, which is also the original intention of school uniforms.Wearing sexy underwear can attract the attention of others, not only affecting the order of the class, but also may cause the school’s dissatisfaction.

3. Severing of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear can indeed increase the charm of women, but in public, we should pay attention to whether we are suitable for wearing.Sex underwear usually exposes more skin. If it is not worn properly, it is easy to expose too much cleavage or butt groove, which will feel uncomfortable for others.

4. Campus moral standards

The importance of the school as a place with inheritance morality, leading students’ behavior and ideological morality, the importance is self -evident.Wearing erotic underwear will be regarded as violating campus norms and bad products.Although sexy underwear is very common for today’s society, on campus, we should maintain our self -esteem and self -respect.

5. Understand the school’s regulations

On campus, the school stipulates very strict, and each school has its own rules and regulations.If you want to go to school in sexy underwear, you need to understand the school’s rules first to see if your clothing violates the school’s regulations.If the school is not allowed to wear sexy underwear, then you better not do this.

6. Selection of private places

If you still want to wear sexy underwear, then it is best to choose a private place, such as your home or where you are with your lover.After all, a major feature of sexy underwear is on the appropriate occasion. It shows a kind of personality and charm that is different from daily in front of appropriate people, adding endless interests and colors to couples.

7. Putting skills

If you really want to wear sexy underwear to go to school, then you can choose some clothing with erotic lingerie elements, which can meet your personality needs and will not be too conspicuous.For example, you can choose a underwear -style top, or a dress with a hollow design on the back.

8. Treatment of sexy jelly rationally

In the end, we must emphasize that we must maintain a certain rationality on any occasion.Wearing sexy underwear is only personal needs and pursuits, but we should distinguish between occasions and occasions.Excessive pursuits and behaviors will make more people unswervingly impress you.

9. Summary

Interest underwear can make women more attractive, reflecting their sexy and personality, but we should choose on the occasion of wearing.Especially on campus, we must respect moral norms and respect self -esteem. This is the basic norm that cannot be ignored in learning life.

10. Viewpoint

Wearing sexy underwear should be carried out on appropriate occasions. After clarifying the occasion and respecting the feelings of others, pursuing personal style and personality is no longer a problem.Interest underwear is just a kind of sexy toys. What kind of fun should be different from person to person and because of love.

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