WeChat plus people sell sexy underwear

The risk of WeChat plus people selling sexy underwear

As a relatively personal item, sexy underwear requires certain privacy protection to buy and use.However, because of the way WeChat plus people selling interesting underwear, the buying and selling process can easily be leaked, bringing great risks to buyers and sellers.

Quality issues

Buying sexy underwear from WeChat cannot actually touch and try on clothes, and it is difficult to determine whether the size and quality of the clothes meet the requirements.For sellers, it is difficult to determine the specific needs and size of the buyer.This may lead to quality problems and lose losses to buyers and sellers.

Private information leakage

WeChat transactions are easy to peep, which may cause personal privacy information to be leaked, such as receiving addresses, phone numbers, WeChat signals, etc.For sexy underwear sellers and buyers, this may lead to some embarrassing or sensitive scenes and cause great trouble.


When using WeChat plus people to sell sexy underwear, it is impossible to confirm the receipt.The seller cannot guarantee whether it has been exported accurately or was received.Buyers are also difficult to determine whether they can receive goods safely and privately.This may lead to some disputes and controversy, making the transaction process troublesome and complicated.

Return risk

Because sexy underwear is a private item, it may have some destructive effects on clothing in the actual trial process, resulting in the process of being unable to complete the return or refund.It is a risk for buyers and sellers, because transactions may not be sold due to lack labels and damage to items.

Legal Risk

WeChat plus people selling sexy underwear may violate local laws and regulations.Because sexy underwear itself is a sensitive field, which may involve issues such as online pornography, infringement, false propaganda, etc., which leads to buyers and sellers to face certain legal risks.


The WeChat plus trading itself lacks some guarantees, and it is difficult for both parties to be difficult to complete the transaction.Because there are no platforms as intermediaries, it is difficult for sellers and buyers to confirm each other’s true identity and credit records, which may become uncomfortable and make the transaction process very difficult.

Payment risk

In WeChat transactions, if there is no suitable security payment method, sellers and buyers will bear the risk of payment.If the other party does not pay or pays a problem, it will cause the transaction to enter the dead bureau and damage both parties.

Pay attention

Although there are many risks and problems on WeChat plus people selling fun underwear, there are some issues that need to pay attention to.For example, choosing a reputable seller is very important to confirm payment methods and return refund.In addition, if necessary, you can choose a platform -based transaction method so that you can avoid risks and problems to a large extent.


Overall, WeChat plus people sell sexy underwear. It is not recommended to use.Although some sellers and buyers have completed their transactions with their own integrity and justice, in the overall trading environment, risks and problems have become more prominent, so they must be vigilant.

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