Wedding lover buy me sexy underwear for me

Background introduction

My husband and I have been married for 5 years. Our marriage has always been very happy, but recently I have known a man, and we have sparks between us and established an extramarital affairs.He bought me a sexy underwear, which made me a little confused and excited.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which is usually used to increase sexual fun and fun, including various materials and styles, such as silk, lace, leather, mesh, and so on.They are usually more designed than traditional underwear, which can highlight the curve on the body and attract the eyes of their partners.

Common sexy lingerie styles

The style of sexy underwear is very diverse. The following are some common sexy lingerie styles:

BABYDOLL -Short pajama, usually with a loose band.

Sexy underwear -low -waist shorts or T -shaped pants, which can set off the hip curve.

Catsuit -A whole body tights, usually consisting of socks, bra and short skirts.

Supreme Line Skirt -Specked skirt with pants or socks can highlight the leg curve.

The reason why men buy sexy underwear

The reasons for men to buy sexy underwear are different. The following are some possible reasons:

Instantly reaching sexual orgasm -sexy underwear can quickly inspire passion, thereby reaching a orgasm.

Increasing sexual fun -sexy underwear can increase sexual fun and make sexual life more colorful.

Innovative way -Buying sexy underwear can allow men to try some new ways, explore the possibility of sex, and increase fun.

How do women feel in sexy underwear?

Women may have the following feelings: women wearing fun underwear:

Self -confidence -wearing sexy sexy underwear, women may feel more confident and attractive.

Sexy -sexy underwear can highlight the body part and make women feel more sexy.

Teasing -fun underwear is usually teasing, making women feel more teasing their partners.

The meaning of wearing sexy underwear in extramarital affairs

In extramarital affairs, wearing sexy underwear may have the following significance:

Stimulate sexual fun -erotic underwear is a way to inspire sexual fun, which can make two people more excited.

Increase freshness -In extramarital affairs, sexy underwear can increase freshness, making two people feel more excited and satisfied.

Increasing fun -wearing erotic underwear can increase fun and make two people happier and satisfied in extramarital affairs.

What should I pay attention to through sexual sexy underwear?

Perform sex sexy underwear is a special sexy underwear. You need to pay attention to the following:

Moderate exposure -Perspective sexy underwear should be moderately exposed, and do not involve too private parts.

Material selection -Perspective sexual erotic underwear material choice is very important. You should choose soft and comfortable materials to avoid stimulating the skin.

Suitable for occasions -Perspective sexy underwear is only suitable for wearing appropriate occasions, such as the private life between husband and wife, it is not advisable to wear it in public.

Will wearing sexy underwear cause moral issues?

Whether wearing a sexy underwear caused a moral problem is not a very clear question. Everyone’s views and values are different.Some people think that sexy underwear is moral, while others think it is an immoral behavior.The most important thing is that you must make sure you and your partner are willing to try and participate in this behavior.


Interest underwear is a very special and interesting underwear, which is suitable for private life between husband and wife.It can increase sexual interest and freshness, making sexual life more colorful.If you and your partner are comfortable and satisfied, then this is a very healthy and valuable experience.

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