What are the fun underwear brands in Taiwan

Top Ten Funeral Underwear Brand Inventory

Brand 1: Foxy

Foxy is a local brand in Taiwan. It was established in 2001.It is positioned as a fashionable underwear brand, which is unique in design and focuses on wearing experience and quality.Foxy’s products include various types of sexy underwear, role -playing clothing, pajamas, swimwear, etc.

Brand 2: CAQI

Founded in 2000, CAQI is one of the representatives of Taiwan’s sex lingerie brand.The brand style is fresh and elegant, and the Japanese and European -style elements have been integrated, and many girly underwear styles have been launched. They are loved by beauty women.

Brand 3: Sexysoul

Sexysoul is positioned as a "sexy -like" sexy underwear brand, pursuing the design style of avant -garde, publicity, and color, while paying attention to comfort and wearing experience.Brand products include various sexy underwear and role -playing clothing.

Brand 4: Studio

Studio is the leader in Taiwan’s local sex lingerie brands. Its design style is simple and generous, focusing on detail processing and high quality.The brand’s products are mainly black and white and gray as the main color, expressing the elegance and charm of women with simple and neat lines.

Brand 5: Cupidgirl

Cupidgirl was founded in 2005. It is a brand known as a sexy, avant -garde, and fashionable underwear.In terms of product design, Cupidgirl uses a large number of complex embroidery and rich lace, adding a strong femininity to underwear.

Brand 6: LAVA

Lava is a natural sexy underwear brand in Taiwan, and is committed to making women feel free, creative and unique.The brand’s design style is enthusiastic and bright, and the color is distinctive, so that women will immediately become the focus of the scene after wearing underwear.

Brand 7: MIDODUO

Midoduo is a sexy underwear brand in Taipei. It is characterized by fresh, natural, simple and pure design style, and pays attention to quality and details.Brands mainly launch a variety of sexy underwear, role -playing clothing, pajamas, etc.

Brand 8: Gelato

Gelato is a relatively new sexy underwear brand, which was established in 2016.The brand is characterized by unique color matching and material selection, breaking the traditional underwear design thinking, and launched many products sought after by fashion people.

Brand 9: MyCoco

MyCoco is a local sexy underwear brand founded in 2013. It aims to create a series of sexy underwear and swimsuit with a series of sexy underwear and swimsuit with the brand image of "CO, CO performance independent, free, unrestrained, and brave.", Role -playing clothing and other products.

Brand 10: Pixy

Founded in 2003, Pixy is one of the pioneers of Taiwan’s sex lingerie brand.In terms of product design, it focuses on the combination of simple, sexy and temperament, and has launched many classic sexy lingerie styles.

The above ten fun underwear brands are one of the more influential brands in the Taiwan market. Each of them has their own characteristics and brand positioning, which meets the different needs of different women for underwear.However, no matter which brand of sexy underwear you choose, the most important thing is to choose according to your body and preferences to wear the most beautiful self.

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