What are the sexy jackets very rough, the legs are very rough


Wearing a sexy underwear can increase self -confidence to women and make themselves feel sexy and charm.But for some women with thick legs, they may feel a little difficult when choosing the right sexy underwear.This article will introduce you how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you in this case.

Understand your body

First of all, understanding your body shape is the key to choosing a suitable sex underwear.The main causes of women’s thick legs are fat, edema and lack of exercise.Therefore, it is the most important thing to determine how much fat and edema in your legs are.If it is too much fat, you need to choose a body -shaped sexy underwear; if it is edema, choose the type with a good massage and lifting effect.

Choose a body -shaped sexy underwear

Although women with thick legs may feel unconfident, they can create a more confident and sexy image based on the choice of sexy underwear.When choosing a body -shaped sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to whether this style is suitable for your body shape, whether it is comfortable to the body, and whether it can effectively correct the body’s defects.

Choose high waist sexy underwear

High -waisted sexy underwear can make the leg lines more beautiful.When choosing a high -waisted sexy underwear, you should choose a high -waist style, which can improve the lines of the thigh roots and make your thigh look slender.

Choose tight -fitting sexy underwear

It is also possible to choose a tight -fitting sexy underwear. You can hide the lack of thick legs when maintaining your beauty.Choosing a slim -fitting tight -fitting underwear can correct the thighs and calves. A place with too much fat can be covered, which can make people feel that the legs are a lot smaller.

Choose lace sexy underwear

The design of such sex underwear is usually a characteristic of lace, lace and other materials. They are suitable for women with plump figures.Wearing this sexy underwear can weaken the obesity of the skin of the legs, but also show a gorgeous mood, and the appearance of people’s figure is more beautiful.

Choose texture stockings sexy underwear

If the skin color of the legs is uneven, you can choose to be translucent and textured stockings.This type of sexy underwear can relatively tolerate your leg defects and show your beautiful skin.

Choose the right shoes

If you choose a sexy lingerie with your daily uncomfortable shoes, the effect will be discounted.High heels are a good way to shape the beautiful calf lines.And high heels can increase the proportion of the entire human body and make the legs look longer.But don’t choose too high heels to affect your stability and comfort.

Choose a suitable size of sex underwear

It is important to choose the sexy underwear with the right size.You need to ensure that the sexy underwear will not be too tight or not too loose, otherwise they will have a negative effect on its effect.

Choose color and tricks

Colors and tricks are important.Usually the color or pattern of sexy underwear emphasized your skin or shape your limb lines.The brighter the color, the more prominent your beauty, but the different body has different needs, so you must choose the color and tricks according to your body.


Wearing a sexy underwear suitable for a body is a must for each woman to show self -confidence. I hope that the above -mentioned professional suggestions can help those women who want to wear sexy underwear and have troubled their legs because of their thick legs.Choosing a sexy underwear and a good -looking and suitable shoes that are suitable for you can show you self -confidence, elegance and charm, and enjoy a beautiful life every day.

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