What is the name of Internet celebrity hot sales of sexy underwear shops

What is the name of online celebrity hot sales of sexy underwear shops?

In recent years, with the rapid development of social media, the Internet celebrity economy has continued to rise, and major platforms have launched online celebrity lists, becoming a vane for people to chase trend.In the field of erotic underwear, many online celebrity shops also appeared, and the sales volume was hot.So, what is the name of online celebrity hot sales of sexy underwear shops?This article will be announced for you.

1. Taobao shop -SM shop

The SM shop is a Taobao shop, which has its own brand.The owner of the store is playing with related products such as sexy underwear, sex supplies.It is favored by young consumers with original design, high -quality fabrics, and personalized styles.

2. WeChat public account -Miss Cat underwear

Miss Cat underwear is a well -known WeChat public account, operating a variety of sexy underwear products.It focuses on the characteristics of fashion trends, quality assurance, and affordable price, and is welcomed by sexy underwear enthusiasts.

Third, Professional Life Museum

The Life Museum is a fun underwear online store established last year, but its sales are very hot.Consumers are loved by consumers with fashion sexy, high -quality fabrics, rich styles, and cost -effective features.

Four, lovely dial

Lovely Dour is a sexy underwear brand. It was founded in Hong Kong in 2010 and then opened a number of physical stores in the Mainland.It is popular with the characteristics of highlighting personality, fashion avant -garde, and quality assurance.

Five, flower tip fashion underwear

Flower fashion underwear is a sexy underwear shop with multiple online and offline sales channels.It has attracted many consumers with rich style, fabric safety, and reliable quality.

Six, Hidden Commercial Bank

Hidden Commercial Bank is a sexy underwear brand. The main products are interesting underwear and sexy toys.It is loved by underwear enthusiasts such as personality, fashion, and affordable prices.

Seven, Better Duojiao underwear

Betty Doro Lingerie is a brand with a history of more than 20 years, with a comprehensive brand system and unique product line.It has always adhered to the innovation, breakthrough, excellence, and stable business philosophy, and has become the leader in the sex underwear industry.

Eight, sister’s house

The girl’s family is a well -known sexy underwear brand in China. It is loved by young female consumers with its delicate, sweet, sexy, and fresh style.

Nine, feyza fashion underwear

FEYZA fashion underwear is a sexy underwear brand. It mainly focuses on personalized styles, superb technology, high -quality fabrics, etc.It is loved by young consumers with the characteristics of fashion trends and reliable quality.

10. Hehe Store

Hehe Store is a sexy underwear brand that establishes Hui Pai culture. Its products are favored by consumers with unique design styles and high -quality fabrics.


In the wave of Internet celebrity economy, sexy underwear shops also follow the trend to change their own way of business.So, what is the name of online celebrity hot sales of sexy underwear shops?In fact, such shops are endless, and each shop has its own selling point and characteristics.When we choose to buy sexy underwear, we need to choose a shop that meets our taste according to our needs and preferences.

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