What kind of sexy underwear is thin

Why choose sexy underwear to be thin?

Interest underwear is not only to add freedom to sex, but also the effect of shaping.For those who want to be thin, it is a good choice to wear a personal sexy underwear.Sex underwear can hide the body’s defects through special design and fabric to strengthen the advantages of the body.So, what kind of sexy underwear can be thinner?

In terms of style: Choose tight style

First of all, tight -fitting sexy underwear is the best choice for thinness.It is close to the body, wraps the body defect tightly, tighten the flesh, and stretchs the proportion of body.If you are a confident C cup, choose a tight -fitting corset or bra, which will allow you to harvest the effect faster.In addition, vest sexy underwear is more suitable for every woman.

Color: Choose a dark color system

Secondly, the color also has a great impact.Dark -colored erotic underwear can not only modify the obesity parts, but also depict the outline of the body and make the figure look better.For fat people, it is recommended to choose black, dark purple, dark red and other colors.

In terms of texture: Choose a style with obvious sense of lines

The texture is also very important.Choosing a sense of sex with obvious lines can effectively extend the proportion of the body and modify the defect of the body.The design, color selection, and texture selection of some details can bring some different effects.If your body is fat, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear with a straight bar.

In terms of fabric: Choose a personal fabric

Choosing the right fabric is also one of the key points.Choosing a personal fabric can make the sexy underwear closer to the body, which has a good pressure effect.If you choose a loose material’s sexy underwear, the body is not tight enough, but it can’t lose weight but it looks fatter.

In terms of strap: Choose a wide strap

For people who wear sexy underwear for a long time, wide -back bands are essential. To make the shoulders comfortable and can bear the weight of the chest, avoid the discomfort caused by it, at the same time, the wide back band can also relieve the pressure on the back, play a play, and play a play.A certain weight loss effect.

In terms of installation: It is recommended to choose ultra -high waist style

For the lower dress, it is recommended to choose ultra -high waist styles, because these styles can hide the fat and other defects of the body in the abdomen, and can also shape the slender waistline.The low -waist -style sexy underwear is not suitable for fat women, and it will be counterproductive after wearing it.

Size in terms of size: Be sure to choose the right size

Choosing the right size is the key to thin.Too small underwear can deform the body, causing external expansion and unsightly, while too large underwear cannot tighten the effect of tightening flesh.When choosing a sexy underwear, be sure to try it on and choose a size suitable for your body.

In terms of overall matching: to be consistent with the overall style style

In addition to the above details, the overall matching style must also be considered accordingly.In order to meet your physical defects and body characteristics, you can achieve the icing on the cake and add natural effects.


The choice of thin sexy underwear needs to consider many factors, including fabrics, styles, textures and colors.The key is to pay attention to details when choosing sexy underwear to achieve the best weight loss effect.Because only if you know the body the most and choose the most suitable sexy underwear, can you be more confident on any occasion.

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