What sexy underwear in the arm

Can girls with fat arms also wear sexy underwear?

Each girl has their own advantages and deficiencies. Some people may feel that their arms are thick and dare not wear fun underwear, but in fact, as long as you choose the right style, girls with fat arms can also wear sexy underwear to show their sexy sexy sexy.charm.

1. Avoid choosing too tight sexy underwear

The tight -fitting lingerie may make the flesh of the arm highlighted, so it is recommended to choose some loose styles to cover the fat of the arm and show the feminine curve of the woman.

2. Choose a size that suits you

Whether it is sexy underwear or sexy underwear, the selection of size is very important.If you wear too large or small underwear, you will have a bad impact on your body, so you must buy underwear suitable for your body size.

3. Select more sexy underwear with a thicker texture

Compared to thin and transparent materials (such as lace), the thick texture underwear may be more suitable for girls with fat arms, because the thick -material underwear will make the arms look more plump and round, and can be perfected to perfectly modify the arm curve.

4. Choose a sexy underwear with a little width and sleeves

The narrow shoulder straps and short sleeves may make girls with fat arms more thicker, so it is recommended to choose sexy underwear with a slightly wider shoulder strap and a little sleeve, so that the lines of the arm look softer will be softer more softEssence

5. Select the relatively simple sexy underwear

The choice of colors and patterns will also affect the visual effects of the arm. It is recommended to choose a more simple sexy underwear, such as black, dark blue, etc., or some simple lace designs.These colors and patterns are relatively low -key, and they can also cover the thickness of the arms.

6. What should I do if the arm is rough?

In addition to choosing the right sexy underwear, some common lean arm methods can also help reduce the "fat" of the arm.For example, increase muscle mass, achieve high -quality aerobic exercise, and control diet.

7. Accessories to help out, more sexy

If you want to show your sexy in the fun underwear, you may wish to add some tips to the shape, such as wearing some bracelets with relatively thick arm thickness.

8. Last suggestion

Everyone’s body is unique and has its own charm.If you are a girl with a fat arm, do not deny your beauty because of the opinions of others.Suitable sexy underwear and suitable accessories can make you show your beautiful curve.

Therefore, don’t be shy and enjoy this process to express sexy and beautiful.

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