What sexy underwear is good -looking at the aircraft field

What are the sexy underwear in the aircraft field?

With the continuous improvement of people’s pursuit of life, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in the fashion consumption field.For mass places like airfields, the balance between comfort and security and fashion and beauty has become a big problem.This article will take you to understand what erotic underwear is good -looking and practical at the airport, and is not affected by factors such as mechanics and flow.

Material: sexy and breathable

Imagine that you feel uncomfortable because of wearing too tight sexy underwear in the process of flying or waiting for plane. This scene is unwilling to experience.Therefore, the choice of material is very important.It is recommended to choose breathable and soft materials, such as lace and cotton mixing to ensure comfortable dressing for a long time.

Comfort: Preferred to balance beauty and comfort

In the airport, if you want to maintain a balance between beauty and comfort, you need to consider specific usage scenarios when buying.You should choose a size that is in line with your body, the edge is flat, comfortable, and the key parts that will not bod out of flesh and will not slide.Makes underwear more suitable for your own body curve, and comfort will be completely unintentional.

Color: Light color system

On the plane, it is more likely to make people feel uncomfortable. It is difficult to wear tight -fitting breathing, and the color tone is too gorgeous and irritating.Therefore, choosing a light -colored erotic underwear is the best choice, especially white, flesh, pale pink, light blue and other hue.This is not only comfortable, but also elegant and delicate.

Style: Avoid extreme VIP inspections

For those who need to travel frequently and take planes often, it is necessary to avoid excessive gorgeous styles. This can avoid being too concerned or even VIP investigation.It is recommended to choose modern and simple styles, such as short trousers, small butterflies, T -shaped pants and other simple styles.

Bra choice

When choosing BRA, you need not only see your interest, but also need to consider comfort and practicality.On the plane, a suitable Bra can better protect breast health.It is recommended that a pair of breasts that do not work out, with a reasonable design and comfortable material, such as bras and triangle embrace, which can protect health and ensure beauty.


In the design of the underwear style, the lace style is a good choice.Because of its softness, comfort, and gorgeous temperament, this style is better, which is not beautiful and comfortable.

Non -trace jade rabbit model

Compared with other underwear, the non -trace jade rabbit model is a relatively novel design.It uses special craftsmanship to better match clothes and avoid outwardness.Coupled with the sexy and cute design, it can meet the needs of many female pilots.

Sports sexy underwear

Sports -type sexy underwear is the most suitable for comfortable wear, and can also keep the underwear stable and not fall off, and not stuck. For example, a T -shirt is similar to a sexy underwear.This style of sexy underwear has beautiful lines, soft materials, breathable, sweat absorption and so on.

Magic air cushion

The sexy underwear of this style is designed in various air cushions. It can shape the slim and comfort and the aesthetics. Compared with other underwear styles, it is not secondaryly in other erotic underwear. Seeing the quality of the body and maintaining wearing.

View: Comfortable sexy underwear better choice

Generally speaking, what erotic underwear looks good on the plane, we should consider balanced practicality and aesthetics, and choose materials with higher comfort, lightweight, sexy, and breathable.In terms of style selection, sports types, full -length design, shoulder strap design, air cushion design and other styles are more suitable for dressed on flights.UFACTOR provides you with the most comprehensive choice!

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