What to do if a man wants to make a messy underwear

What to do if a man wants to make a messy underwear

Interest underwear is a new thing in modern people’s lives. As part of sexual culture, it can not only increase sexual pleasure, open up their horizons, but also enhance the relationship and interaction between couples.However, for many men, they may not know how to choose and buy sexy underwear in their lives, or how to make their girlfriends or wives put on sexy underwear.Here are some suggestions about how men get and share sexy underwear.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

If you want your girlfriend to put on a sexy underwear, first you need to make a style suitable for her.You can find suitable sizes and styles from her wardrobe, or ask her preferences directly.Knowing her preferences and physical proportions can help you choose the underwear that suits her.

Understand the style of love underwear

Interest underwear is not just a basic underwear. It has different styles and designs.For example, sexy underwear usually has more LACE and Mesh elements, while hot and sexy underwear is more made of silk and sequins.Understanding different sexy underwear style can help you choose the costumes that suits your girlfriend better.

Select underwear in combination

In addition, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider the occasion of wearing.For example, if you want to make a romantic date, then the charming lace sexy underwear may be a good choice.However, if you spend a lazy weekend at home, soft and comfortable pajamas or a comfortable and light skirt may be more suitable.

Prepare a surprise for your girlfriend

If you want to bring more surprises to your girlfriend, you can hoard some hot and sexy sexy underwear in her wardrobe.Then, on a special day, such as your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, you can give her a gift box containing some sexy underwear and a small amount of small jewelry.

Teach her how to wear sexy underwear

When you want your girlfriend to wear a sexy underwear, you need to clearly convey some matters to her about wearing this underwear.For example, fix the buckle of the bra, fix the suspender, avoid underwear sliding, and so on.If she feels uncomfortable or feels too obscene, then you need to stop giving her some motto and encouragement to help her overcome these problems.

Create a passion for her

When your girlfriend puts on sexy underwear, you need to create a passionate atmosphere suitable for her.For example, you can order some aromatherapy, arrange some romantic lights, or play some soft music.Through these methods, you can make your girlfriend more naturally put on sexy underwear and enjoy the beautiful experience brought by it.

Respect and protect her privacy

When you buy or use sexy underwear with your girlfriend, you need to abide by the basic principles of respect for privacy and avoid exposure and leakage privacy information.You can use security technologies such as hidden documents and information private storage of passwords, so that your girlfriend feels that his privacy security is protected.This allows your girlfriend to enjoy the fun of sexy underwear more assured.


In summary, men should choose sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends, and reasonably create an atmosphere suitable for her, respect and protect her privacy.When buying and sharing sex underwear, men also need to adhere to an attitude of equality, seriousness and responsibility.In this way, the sexual underwear communication and exploration between men and women can be more equal, pleasant and full of meaning.

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