What to wipe the sexy underwear pouring mold

What is a sexy underwear dumping?

Interest underwear inverted models refer to a model of sexy underwear on the human body with special materials, so that manufacturers can design and produce real sexy underwear based on this model.

What are the inverted materials?

Commonly used inverted materials include latex, silicone, alumina, etc.Among them, the cost of latex is relatively low, but it is easy to make people allergic reactions; silicone is more expensive than latex, but more environmentally friendly, safe, and high elasticity and high heating resistance;The difficulty of making is also the highest.

How to clean the erotic underwear down?

After the inverted mold is completed, the inverted mold needs to be taken down from the body, so there will be some inverted materials that are attached to the skin during the operation.At this time, you need to use a special cleaner to wipe the mold.

Selection of cleaning agent

When choosing a sexy underwear pouring agent, you should choose a product that does not contain alcohol, does not stimulate the skin, and is easy to clean.You can choose a professional sex product cleaning solution on the market, or use a simple and safe natural cleaning agent, such as a mixture of white vinegar and water is 1: 1.

Cleaning step

Spray the detergent to the surface of the inverted mold, massage and rub slowly, be careful not to be too hard to avoid damaging the inverted mold.When the cleaner is fully penetrated, put the inverted mold in warm water and clean it. Use a soft brush to wash the dirt. Do not use a hard brush to avoid scraping the surface of the inverted mold.Finally, rinse the inverted mold with water and dry it in a cool and dry place.

Daily maintenance

Interesting underwear pouring molds also need to be maintained regularly. After cleaning, apply a layer of maintenance oil on the surface of the inverted mold to prevent the inverted mold from becoming sticky or losing elasticity.At the same time, when it is not used for a long time, put the inverted mold in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture and high temperature.

Storage of sexy underwear pouring mold

The erotic underwear pouring model not only needs to be dry before storage, but also requires a reasonable storage location.Avoid direct sunlight, humidity, and odor, it is recommended to put it in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, and hang it on the wall with a hook.

Preparation before cleaning

Before starting cleaning, clean all the cleaning appliances to ensure sterile; prepare a plastic cloth and a dry towel to facilitate cleaning and keep the working environment clean.

Precautions during cleaning

When wiping down the mold, do not massage or use too much strength to avoid stimulation or damage to the inverted mold.When cleaning the supercharger, be careful to avoid breaking the bottle and apply the oil on the supercharger and its surface.

How to deal with the inverted parts that are difficult to clean?

Some details of the inverted mold, such as deeper folds, sutures, small horizontal stripes, hook buckles and other parts are difficult to clean. At this time, you can cover this part with rubber puree and other materials.It is not easy to leave the residue.


Interesting underwear pouring models are a highly technical technology. The degree of cleanliness of the material is related to the quality and use of sexy underwear. Therefore, the scrubbing work of erotic underwear is highly valued, and it will be extended through appropriate maintenance measures to extend it.Life life.

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