Where is the sexy underwear in Guangzhou

Where is the sexy underwear in Guangzhou

1. Sex underwear shop

There are relatively many sexy lingerie stores in Guangzhou. You can choose to find a relatively large shopping mall, such as Tianhe City, Taikoohui and other shopping malls.In such shopping malls, you can find a more well -known brand store, such as Victoria’s secrets, love, Peki, and so on.There are many fun underwear styles in these stores, and they can be selected according to their preferences.

2. Online purchase

Buying sexy underwear online is also a convenient way. You can search directly on online shopping platforms such as Taobao or Jingdong.For those who are more shy, buying this is relatively private and can protect personal privacy.

3. Spring products store

The sexual product store can also buy various styles of sexy underwear, which is relatively favorable.However, it should be noted that the environment of such stores may not be very good, and they need to face relatively large pressure and embarrassment.

4. Large supermarket

Some large supermarkets also have sexy underwear stores, and the price is relatively cheap.However, these stores are usually hidden in the corner and take some time to find.

5. Head brand monopoly

The sexy underwear stores of the head brands are relatively small, but their product quality and design level are relatively high.You can go to the sexy underwear stores of brands such as Meitian and Sephora.

6. Shopping square

Shopping squares are also places to buy sexy underwear. There are many brands here, and various styles will be available.Suitable for those who want to try on.

7. Designer brand

The sexy underwear of the designer brand is relatively rare, but the style and design are unique, and the price is relatively expensive.Some designer brand stores can be found in Tianhe City, Wanshengwei and other places.

8. Personalized customization

If you want to have a unique sexy underwear, you can choose personalized customization.In some customized stores, you can provide your own design manuscripts so that the store will be tailored as required, and the price will be more expensive.

9. Wholesale market

If you need to purchase sexy underwear in batches, you can choose to go to the wholesale market.Although the environment in these markets is relatively messy, the price is relatively cheap.

10. Adult products store

Adult products stores can also be purchased for sexy underwear, but it should be noted that the quality of these products may be relatively poor, so you need to carefully identify it when buying.

In general, there are more sexy underwear purchased by Guangzhou, and each place has advantages and disadvantages.You need to consider your own needs when buying, and then choose the place where you are suitable for your own purchase.

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