Where to go to the sexy underwear

Falling underwear drying method

For many women, the choice of erotic underwear is very important, but the more important thing is the maintenance of sexy underwear.In addition to preventing reserved stains, maintenance is also the key to increasing the service life.And the way to dry the underwear is also very important, because the improper drying method may cause sexy underwear to deform and even affect the service life.So how do we dry the sexy underwear correctly?

Dry in the room

Drying indoors is the most common way of drying in sexy underwear.There is usually no sunlight in the room, and it takes more patience and time to dry. This is why every sexy underwear needs to be hung in a cool and dry place to prevent mold from breeding.

Drying outdoors

Drying sexy underwear outdoors is the fastest way of drying, especially in sunny days.Because it can make sexy underwear dry in the shortest time, while making full use of the sun’s ultraviolet disinfection effects.However, it should be noted that drying and drying during the day, do not take too long to avoid damage to the sexy underwear.

Before sunbathing

Before starting to dry, the sexy underwear needs to be massaged to restore it.If you have hand washing, sexy underwear needs to be squeezed, but do not use strength to avoid deformation.

Avoid direct sunlight

Although the sun can help disinfection of sexy underwear, drying at high temperature will destroy flexibility.For example, if you put the sexy underwear directly under the scorching sun, then it is likely to deform.Therefore, when we dry in the sun, we must choose to avoid direct sunlight.

Avoid using dryers

Many people choose to use the dryer in order to save time in busy work to complete the drying of drying. However, sexy underwear is also very sensitive to high temperature, and the high temperature in the dryer may lead to poor sexy underwear.It affects the effect and period of use.

Avoid textile material softener

Although the use of soft agents can make most clothes softer and easy to plead, it does destroy your sexy underwear structure, reduce elasticity, and shorten the service life.Therefore, when washing love underwear, we should not use soft agents to ensure that they can maintain a good state, especially for sexy underwear, which is especially important.

How to store sexy suits

When you do not use your sexy underwear, you can dry them completely before storage to avoid any moisture or dirt.In order to maintain the overall shape, you can store or separate the sexy underwear "Folding" or "Rolling". Many sexual erotic lingerie brands will have special underwear boxes for users to keep better.

What kind of place is not suitable for drying sexy underwear

Although the bathroom and the toilet are convenient, it is easy to have moisture and bacteria. The water vapor in the air is too heavy, and it is not advisable to dry the sexy underwear to avoid mildew and affect the effect of use.In addition, because the air humidity on the balcony is too large, it provides a bad environment for the drying of sex underwear.

Replace sexy underwear regularly

Different brands and different styles of sexy underwear have different effects and life span.Under normal circumstances, during the wearing, sexy underwear should be replaced once every three months to avoid side effects caused by expired erotic underwear.

How to dry the fun underwear of different fabrics

The fun and drying methods of different fabrics are not the same.Generally speaking, cotton or hair sexy underwear can use slightly higher temperature, while the sexy underwear of delicate materials requires low temperature drying.In addition, it can be distinguished whether it is light or dark, and light or white sexy underwear is more suitable for drying indoors or shade.

General view

Through the above introduction, we can see that there are many details that you need to pay attention to drying and halter, and each aspect may affect the life and effect of the usage of sexy underwear.Therefore, we should take the drying underwear to dry, and use it as flexibly according to the different characteristics of the sexy underwear as much as possible, and develop good storage habits.In this way, we can maximize the cycle of the use of sexy underwear and enjoy a longer and healthier sex life.

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