Which style of sex underwear sells high

1. Traditional style

The traditional style of sexy underwear is simple, with a large coverage area. To a certain extent, it can be shaped to lift the chest, and it is not too exposed. It is suitable for the mass consumer market.Such as some typical bras, sexy underwear cutting with slings.

2. Lace style

Lace -style sexy underwear refers to the use of lace materials on the fabric. The texture is soft and the breathability is good. It not only brings sexy visual effects, but also enhances women’s self -confidence.This style is very popular and is a high -end market positioning.

3. Spoken design

The split design of the sexy underwear refers to adding some split visual effects on the premise of personal design and comfort, while highlighting the perfect body shape, and improving consumers’ self -confidence and sexy feelings.

4. Bad waist style

The waist -style erotic underwear is mainly through a more stringent waist design to improve the beauty of the female skeleton, and shape the perfect waist and hip lines. It is the main sales style of nightclubs and KTV entertainment venues.

5. Sling style

Most of the sexy underwear in the suspender style is used to reflect women’s slender shoulder and neck lines, while also shaping and enhanced chest effects.Especially suitable for summer or tropical climate, this style has a good sales.

6. Perspective style

The focus of the sexy underwear design of the perspective style is to create a seemingly transparent effect, which is fascinating.Such styles are generally expensive and more suitable for high -end consumer markets.

7. Type style

Type -style erotic underwear combines thin, sexy and tedious handmade embroidery, which not only meets the aesthetic needs of modern women, but also meets the long -term consumption mentality of some women.Such styles are also suitable for consumer markets pursuing sexy.

8. Private protection style

The private protective lingerie is mainly for women to cover up the excessive exposure of the privacy. It uses professional anti -slip materials and very breathable personal fabrics. Such styles are welcomed and favored by women.

9. Short -style underwear

Short -style underwear is only under the chest. It is suitable for women with relatively flat stomachs. It is comfortable to wear, focusing on the details of the carlines of the underwear, and also shows the texture and temperament of women.The purpose is to focus on the chest area, but it is also elastic and coordinated.

10. Disassembly style of the shoulder strap

The removable style of the shoulder strap is common in dresses and wedding dresses. It uses the same color system of the same color, satin and Hu Song weaving skills. It can be disassembled and matched arbitrarily, focusing on highlighting women’s neck and scapula lines.This style generally goes high -end positioning.

In summary, although various sexy lingerie styles sell well on the market, in comparison, perspective and lace styles are welcomed by female consumers.The choice of style also requires comprehensive considerations of individual body shape, use scene, and temperament that we wear to be reflected.

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