Wife’s sexy underwear takes takeaway

Wife’s new interesting jelly

Whenever I hear a friend mentioned sexy underwear, I always think this is a very mysterious and private topic.I have always maintained a politeness, because I don’t want to involve sharing my personal relationship with others.However, I was shocked by one of my wives recently.This is like this …

Unexpected discovery

One night, I prepare to take out as usual.After I ordered, I sat on the sofa and waited, but this waiting time was a bit long, and I started to be a little anxious.Just then, my wife returned home and held a takeaway bag in her hand.Then I accidentally saw her wearing a sexy underwear I have never seen.I was a little surprised at the time because it was not like my wife’s usual style.But she looks very confident and sexy, which makes me feel that she has improved in some ways.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear.Some styles are suitable for those who want to add some mystery and excitement in sex, while some styles are suitable for those who want to try some new things.Different types of sexy underwear can meet different needs, and can also add new fun to your sexual life.

Sexy hip pants

Sexy buttocks are a very popular sexy underwear, which can greatly increase the sexyness of women.There are many different styles and colors of this underwear, but they all have one thing in common: they can make women’s hips look more sexy.

Transparent lace pajamas

Transparent lace pajamas are another common sexy underwear, which often feature exquisite lace decoration.This pajamas can wrap the entire body under a soft and transparent coat, and at the same time exudes a sexy and mysterious atmosphere.


Pants are a design that combines sexy underwear and jumpsuits.It can shape the body’s body curve through a tight design, and it can also make women’s skin smoother and softer.This underwear is usually made into soft and comfortable materials to ensure that it can be comfortable.

Use erotic underwear to stimulate self -confidence

Although sexy underwear may leave an immature impression on people, they do help enhance women’s self -confidence and sexy.Women can appear more confident and sexy in front of everyone.And this kind of confidence and self -confidence will also affect the process of the entire personality, making the whole process smoother and passionate.

Value of sex underwear

The value of sexy underwear is often much higher than their price.They can help people get rid of their troubles and pressures in daily life, provide people with some happiness and relaxation, so that people get more fun and satisfaction in the process of sex.

my point of view

Although I always think that sexy underwear is a relatively private topic, but I realize that they can indeed enhance women’s confidence and sexy.Women can feel more satisfied and confident when wearing sexy underwear.This is very good for the whole process of sex.Therefore, I think sexy underwear is a very valuable and interesting product.

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