Wild model shooting sexy underwear

What is a wild model to shoot sexy underwear?

Wild models shooting sexy underwear refers to shooting models wearing sexy underwear on outdoor or other non -traditional shooting places.This shooting method is generally not restricted by the shooting location and weather, and sometimes deliberately choose some "dangerous" locations to increase the fun of shooting.Here are some key points that need to be understood:

Choose a suitable place

When the wild model shoots sexy underwear, it is very important to choose the shooting location that is beneficial to the shooting effect.On -site inspections of the shooting venue in advance, choose places where the light is sufficient, the background is well composed, and is not vulnerable to disturbing.For example, when urban streets or some sightseeing or humanistic attractions are very suitable for wild models to shoot sexy underwear.

Avoid shooting trouble places

During the process of shooting in the field of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the choice of choice, so as not to cause disputes to prevent traffic or infringe on the rights of others.For example, avoid shooting in public places or places to avoid being watched or causing police troubles, and pay attention to your own safety.

Choose the right clothing

When choosing different shooting venues in different shapes and styles, the style of clothing must also be taken into account.For example, shooting in the wild is recommended to choose a clothing or skirt -based clothing, which is not only convenient for exercise, but also highlights the figure lines and makes the shooting more attractive.

The constructive use of light

Light is a very important factor when shooting a sexy underwear.If you shoot during the day, the time of taking pictures will be relatively strong. At this time, you need to find the shielded place to ensure the brightness of the portrait. If it is at dusk or the clouds, you must choose a place with weak light for shooting.

Optimization of photographing posture

When taking pictures, the ability to perform models is very important.Making different styles such as nature, mystery, and elegance can improve the quality and artistic value of photos.At the same time, we must learn to adjust the camera machine position, shooting angle and light, etc., optimize the entire photo process, and enhance the beauty of photos.

Respect model privacy

The model is completely exposed to the camera during the process of shooting the sexy underwear. At this time, it is especially important to protect their privacy.The photographer and the photography team should deal with the relationship with the model and limit the scope of the release of photos. If it can, it is best to let the model confirm the photos and maintain their rights to the greatest extent.

The difference between artistic and vulgarity

Interest underwear has strong artistic and vulgarity. Traditional sexy underwear is often regarded as "porn" supplies.However, wild models are not sexy and obscene, but to express individuals and not pure art inputs.The target of the shooting is products and models. If the vulgarity is cross -border, the communication method and value will lose the extreme extremes that cannot be ignored.

Application of scientific and technological means

Wild models often need to use some scientific and technological means to improve the effect of shooting.For example, when using a head -wearing camera preview, you can freely adjust the position and posture of the camera to view the shooting effect and light.

Later treatment

After the wild model shoots the sexy lingerie, the corresponding post -processing needs to be performed to further improve the beauty of the photo.Good post -processing can not only improve the quality of photos, but also bring good visual effects.Of course, the later treatment is also an art that requires creativity and technical support.


Wild models are a very challenging shooting method. It requires certain skills and experience to shoot high -quality works.The art of embracing different music, musical instruments, dances and sports needs to be continuously studied, practiced and explored. I hope that the above -mentioned related small secrets can help you and make you the most professional standard photographer.

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