Women will refuse sexy underwear


Interesting underwear is now a must -have in the female wardrobe, which is used to increase the fun of life.However, is there any woman who refuses to have sex underwear?This is a question that needs to be explored.

Personal preference for women:

First of all, women’s personal preferences are very important.Every woman has their own preferences and attitudes, some like sexy underwear, and some don’t like it.So it is normal for women to refuse or accept sexy underwear.


Secondly, whether women trust their partners are also one of the reasons for refusing or accepting sexy underwear.If women think that their partners are reliable and respect her opinions and choices, they will accept sexy underwear, otherwise they may refuse.


The comfort of sexy underwear is also important.Women may refuse to wear them if sexy underwear is uncomfortable and not suitable for their figure.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to understand your body and needs, and choose a comfortable underwear that suits you.

cultural background:

Cultural background may also be one of the reasons why women reject sexy underwear.In some cultures, wearing erotic underwear is regarded as an immoral or lower -acting behavior.Therefore, some women may refuse to wear sexy underwear.

Social factors:

Social factors may also affect women’s rejection or accepting sexy underwear.Some women may refuse to wear sexy underwear because they are afraid of being discovered and commented by others.In this case, women usually try to hide the fact that they wear sexy underwear.

The degree of self -confidence:

Women’s self -confidence will also affect their rejection or accepting sexy underwear.If women are confident in their body and sexy level, they will be more willing to wear sexy underwear.Conversely, if they lack confidence in their bodies and sexy levels, they may refuse sexy underwear.

quality problem:

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the quality of sexy underwear is also one of the reasons why women refuse to wear them.Women will not be willing to wear this underwear if the material, tailoring or production quality of sex underwear.

It doesn’t matter:

Finally, there are some women who do not care about sexy underwear.They do not have a strong emotional response, either accept sex underwear or not accept it.

in conclusion:

In summary, whether women refuse sexy underwear depends on multiple factors, such as personal preferences, trust, comfort, cultural background, social factors, self -confidence, quality issues, etc.Every woman has different preferences, so it cannot be generalized.Fortunately, there are many different types of sexy underwear on the market for women to choose from. Whether you refuse, accept or have no tendency, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you.

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