World -renowned brand sexy underwear

World -renowned brand sexy underwear

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is a sexy underwear brand from the United States. It has a unique style and iconic angel wings design, which is famous for attractive visual effects and quality assurance.There are many styles and high prices, mainly for the women’s market.

2. La Perla

Langz is a Italian brand. It is well -known for making sexy underwear with high -end luxurious lace, silk and embroidery materials. Its design style is unique and brings different feelings to customers.The female market is the main price.

3. Agent Provocateur

Reycia is a luxury and sexy underwear brand from the United Kingdom. It is popular with bright colors, retro style and the application of lace lace.Its "accident" design is exciting and has a high market visibility.

4. Aubade

Luxak is a French brand, which is famous for its innovative design and high -end fabric choices.Its design style is biased towards women’s erotic underwear, which is characterized by attractive lace, embroidery and details. It is loved by many female fans.

5. Tiffany

Tiffany is a jewelry brand from the United States. Its sex lingerie series has become more and more popular in recent years.Its design style is simple and generous. It is known for solid or monochrome materials and silk fabrics, bringing unusual charm to women.

6. Calvin Klein

Decisive is a brand from the United States, which has a wide influence in the field of fashion.Its fun underwear series is simple and generous. It adopts comfortable materials and simple line design, giving a sense of minimalist design, which is the first choice for many classics.

7. Chanteelle

Clarins are a brand from France, and they are different with their unusual underwear.Its design style is unique, combined with beauty and practicality, and is loved by European women.

8. Laurence Tavernier

Raymond is a French brand and is famous for its high -quality, simple and generous design.Its sex lingerie series usually has a comfortable fabric, fashion and loose style.It is the first choice for many women to be lazy and relaxed.

9. Felun (Phéromone)

Felumon is a French underwear brand that focuses on promoting sexual desire and increasing sexual attractiveness.Its specially designed materials contain natural chemicals, which can attract the opposite sex by releasing sexual pheromone.It is the best choice to pursue sexy women.

10. Fleur of England

Frey is a British brand and is famous for its elegant design and high -quality fabrics.Its temperament women’s underwear series provides a variety of wearing methods, which can meet the needs of various occasions.As an independent brand, its style is exquisite style and is the first choice for pursuing restrained and comfortable women.

The above is the introduction of the world -renowned sexy underwear brand. Their style and style are different, but they all have one thing in common, that is, they are loved by many beautiful women.When women wear their sexy underwear, they can not only feel gentle and sexy, but also inspire self -confidence and exude their own unique charm.

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