Mature woman neighbor sexual sheet

Mature woman neighbor sexual sheet

With the changes of people’s aesthetics and the social environment, more and more women have begun to try to choose different ways for themselves, and sexy underwear has become the first choice for many women.Recently, my neighbor and a mature woman also started to add sexy underwear in her choice. Here I shared her sexy lingerie with readers.

1. Remarks the background of the neighbor

My neighbor is a married woman. She is more than forty, her body is full, cheerful, fashionable, and she likes to explore new things on weekdays. This time, I try to make fun of her underwear out of this mentality.

2. The original intention of wearing sexy underwear

According to neighbors, the reason why she wanted to try sexy underwear was because of this kind of underwear design with a certain sexy feeling.And she believes that for married women, sometimes some sexy clothing is not helpful for enhancing the fun and emotional communication in marriage life.

3. Embroidered pattern in sexy underwear

There are many embroidery patterns in the sexy underwear purchased by neighbors. This design is relatively unique in underwear.Through understanding, the author found that in addition to appearing exquisite and unique, this design also added visual and touch experience to underwear, making it more amazing.

4. Considering color selection

When choosing sexy underwear, neighbors believe that color is also a very important choice factor.She prefers some bright or bright sexy underwear. This color can not only enhance sexy, but also inject a vitality and confidence into herself.

5. A comfortable experience brought by the size

When wearing a sexy underwear, the neighbors also pay more attention to the size choice of underwear. The correct size can better tolerate your body while avoiding discomfort and trouble when wearing.

6. Select on the occasion of sexy underwear

Neighbors believe that wearing erotic underwear must not only choose the right color, style, and size, but also take into account the occasion when wearing.For example, wearing black erotic underwear, it seems more weight in more private occasions.

7. Compared with the difference in wearing of ordinary underwear

Compared with ordinary underwear, neighbors think that the wearing of sexy underwear is more in line with the different needs of women. They can not only play a role in the beauty of the body, but also make women feel more comfortable.

8. The problem of underwear maintenance

In terms of maintaining sexy underwear, neighbors also have some experience to share.She recommends choosing underwear suitable for hand -washing and avoid wearing for too long during use, so as not to affect the performance and life of underwear.

9. Facing the attitude of questioning

Because the sexy underwear still has a certain negative impression in the eyes of some people, the neighbors have been questioned and criticized, but she does not care about it, firmly believes that everyone has their own choice power, and the choice of sexy underwear is also in line with her individualDemand and aesthetics.

10. I summarize the experience of neighbors

After this exchange, the author believes that wearing erotic underwear is not only a fashion trend, but also a way of self -confidence and personality. It is also a way of expression that women desire and need to realize themselves.Trying sexy underwear is also trying to express the wonderful and beautiful life of women, which is worthy of admiration and encouragement.

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