Seduced erotic underwear gods and ghosts


Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is a close -fitting clothing designed with the main theme.In China, its market size has not been completely opened, but it is already very popular overseas.This style of clothing usually uses sexy materials such as lace, leather, mesh, silk, silk, yarn, and fluffy cloth, which mainly plays the role of covering sensitive parts, setting up the body, and beautifying the visual effects. It is an important helper to improve sexual interest.Next, let’s enter the world of underwear to experience the effect of ghosts and horses brought by sexy underwear.

Type introduction

There are many types of sexy underwear, and you can choose according to personal preferences.Among them, the more common ones include lace sexy underwear, leather sex lingerie, perspective sexy underwear, lace stockings sexy underwear, lace skirt sexy underwear, stockings sexy underwear, lace chest hood sexy underwear, body sex underwear and so on.Each style has its specific purpose. For example, lace sexy underwear can show the feminine feeling, while leather sex lingerie is more conducive to shaping, showing women’s tenderness and power.

Purchase guide

In order to allow you to choose more sexy underwear, the following suggestions are provided for everyone:

When buying, you should be careful to avoid the product that is not good or not suitable for your own.Trying size and measuring the body size is essential.

Pay attention to the smell and choose the product without odor as possible.

Choose a style that suits you to avoid following the trend.

Wearing skills

When wearing sexy underwear, there are some skills to pay attention to:

Pay attention to the internal and external matching to avoid being too exposed.

To match according to your body, choose the style that suits you.

Women with hips can choose high waist pants to show their sexy charm.

Pay attention to the color of sexy underwear. Some dark colors can be matched with black leggings to make you more charming.


Matching accessories is also a skill.Here are several kinds of small accessories matching suggestions:

With the collar with a bead ring, you can wear leather sex lingerie.

Leather sex lipsticks with mint lipstick, dark nail polish and high heels can enhance women’s mystery and charm.

When choosing a sexy underwear with fresh rural feelings, you can choose μ socks to match it to show the feeling of translation beauty.

When to wear

Interest underwear is not a daily wearing underwear option, which is more suitable for some special occasions.So, when is it more suitable to wear?

Party, such as makeup and dances, concerts and other high -level occasions, show women’s unruly and mysteries.

The private party can feel your desire in a romantic and tender environment, and increase your interest.

color match

The color matching of sexy underwear is also important, which determines your sexy and fashionable elements.This is some color matching suggestions:

The combination of black and red can satisfy women’s love for black and traditional emotions and enthusiasm for red.

Pink with printed black high -waisted jeans, throwing away the pathological sense, revealing the fresh and cute side of women.

Purple is a more noble and mysterious color. Black pants, silver necklaces and silver nose cake shoes with purple pattern erotic lingerie can look retro and romantic.

Maintenance knowledge

The maintenance of sexy underwear is more complicated. For example, the sexy lingerie of the leather should be cleaned with care powder, and lace sexy underwear should not be washed too much.Here are some maintenance skills of sexy underwear:

Washing of sexy underwear should be washed as much as possible, do not use washing machines.

Different materials require different cleaning methods, to read the cleaning requirements on the product label, and to maintain strictly in accordance with the requirements.

Avoid using acidic, alkaline or chlorine cleaning agents as much as possible.

Manufacturer introduction

When choosing a sexy underwear, the quality insurance of the manufacturer should be selected for quality, style, and material analysis.Some of the sexy underwear brands abroad, such as Victoria’s Secret, technical erotic underwear, but also highly aesthetic Lancome, Agent Provocateur, which are highly aesthetic, are also highly aesthetic.


Interest underwear can bring the unique ghost and horse atmosphere in women’s lives, and increase sexual interest and life interest.It is the perfect combination of fashion and sex, but cannot be used too much.You need to choose the one that suits you and make sexy underwear a kind of artistic enjoyment.

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