Tokyo sex lingerie style

Tokyo sex lingerie style

1. Japanese -style Rabbit Girl Lang Fun Lingerie

Rabbit Girl Lang’s sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear based on the West, combined with Japanese girl culture.This sexy underwear is characterized by white rabbit ears, white rabbit tails, and white gloves and skirts that are consistent with rabbit.

2. Sexy underwear with style tone

The erotic underwear with style is a sexy underwear made of Japanese style essence and modern elements.It gives people a soft feeling, making people involuntarily want to experience the traditional and modern Tokyo style.

3. Adult -style fresh sexy underwear

The small fresh -style erotic underwear design highlights the pink and cute Tokyo element, and at the same time combines the needs of modern adults. The designers have made good improvements in terms of materials, styles, and tailoring.

4. No control sexy jelly

No control sexy underwear is a unique sexy underwear. It uses composite materials that cannot cover the key parts of the body. It is better than conventional sexy underwear in the aphrodisiac effect.

5. French lace sexy underwear

The conventional lace erotic underwear is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, but this material is too common and the design of the design is not enough.In contrast, French lace sexy underwear is elegant, and at the same time, she is more sexy when she is wearing.

6. European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is most in line with European and American women’s aesthetics and taste, revealing infinite temptation and self -confidence, thereby increasing women’s self -awareness and enhancing self -esteem and self -confidence.

7. Muse sexy sheet

Muse sexy underwear can cause consumers to be highly sensitive in all aspects of vision, touch, and smell. This is a bloody lingerie, full of mysterious colors, tease people’s senses.

8. Private room sexy underwear

Private house photos are a unique form. In recent years, private lingerie of private houses has become more and more loved by consumers because it is more suitable for couples to appreciate each other and improve the quality of life.

9. Auntie of Anju Caizi style aunt pants and sexy underwear

The Anti Cai Cai Zi series is a sexy underwear that is deeply liked by Japanese women.It uses no trace soft materials to make women more comfortable and confident during her aunt.

10. Two vest sexy underwear

The two vest sexy underwear uses the innovative design concept. Whether it is physical or mental, it provides women with the greatest comfort and convenience.It can be used as pajamas, underwear, and sexy underwear, which is popular.


The above are the ten popular underwear in the Tokyo market.Each sexy underwear has its unique style and popular crowd.If you want to wear different charm, you can choose the corresponding sexy underwear according to your needs to wake up your inner more confidence.

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