Taobao sex underwear model rules

Background introduction

With the large number of products on the Taobao platform, sexy underwear has also received widespread attention. In order to improve the beauty and selling points of the product, many sexy underwear sellers have begun to use models to display their products.However, the naked rules of the Taobao platform for sexy underwear models have also appeared.

Naked rules

Taobao stipulates that sexy underwear models must ensure that there must be no obvious nipples, pubic hair and other obvious naked parts when displaying products, nor can it use sexual hints and excessive sexual suggestions, and sexy underwear must be transparent to display the product effect.When choosing sexy underwear models, seller friends should pay attention to these rules to avoid being punished by the platform for excessive use of improper display methods such as nude color.

Model image choice

When choosing a sexy underwear model, the seller needs to formulate the positioning of the product first, and then select the model that meets the required image to display it.For example, models of different images such as sexy, playful, pure, and pure need to form a cooperative image positioning according to the displayed products in order to make consumers easily remember and produce the desire to buy.

Shooting scene selection

When the seller chooses a photo of the model to take sex underwear, he also needs to choose the appropriate shooting scene.Generally speaking, photos of sexy underwear need to choose scenes that are consistent with sexy underwear for shooting, such as romantic bedrooms and clear -themed windows.Choosing a good shooting scene can make consumers feel the beauty and practicality of the product more truly.

Use of shooting skills

Shooting skills are also one of the elements that need to be paid attention to in the sexy underwear.When shooting sexy underwear, the photographer needs to take a clear, sharp, and aesthetic feeling.At the same time, photographers also need to use various methods and other methods such as the product style and form of the product to add better results to the display of sexy underwear.

Post -processing skills of photos

The post -processing of the photo is also one of the important parts of showing sex underwear.Sellers must have a certain post -color adjustment and beautification of the basic skills of photos, and to maintain a unified and unified style in the processed photos, so that consumers can easily identify the seller’s products.

Pay attention to the copyright issues of the picture

When using photos of sexy underwear models, sellers need to pay attention not to infringe on the copyright of others.Many sellers are worthy of the profits in front of the eyes, and photos of choosing to disperse others are facing unavoidable losses after discovery.Therefore, the seller needs to pay special attention to the copyright of the photo when choosing a sexy underwear model, and choose a regular picture library or adopt its own shooting method to show the sexy underwear.

Rotate different model images

Although it is said that a model is very attractive in showing erotic underwear, for sellers, it is too focused on a single -model show to show sexy underwear products, which will gradually make the product grow up and not meet the needs of more consumers.Therefore, sellers can rotate different models from time to achieve the accurate positioning of the product and the purpose of more consumer choices.

Value positioning and marketing strategy formulation

Finally, in order to maximize the display value of sexy underwear models, sellers need to formulate a suitable marketing strategy.Sellers can increase their publicity on the platform, use sexy underwear models to display the form of promotional videos, and publish them on major social platforms and websites to attract more consumers to buy their own sexy underwear.


As a means of emotional transmission and product display, sexy underwear models not only get widespread attention and use on the Taobao platform, but also began to be displayed on major e -commerce platforms and physical stores.However, as a seller, in addition to good photography skills and post -processing skills, more importantly, the strategic use of sexy underwear models.If you formulate marketing strategies reasonably, and pay attention to the naked rules such as sexy underwear, I believe that it will bring the seller a lot of profits and a good brand image.

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