Test the sexy underwear show

Test the sexy underwear show

Before buying sexy underwear, trying on is a necessary step.But is it very exciting?Today, I will introduce some common sexy lingerie styles in the test room to help you choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.

Sexy role -playing series

One of the most popular sexy underwear series in the fitting room is the sexy role -playing series.This series of sexy underwear is inspired by traditional judges, police, nurses, uniforms and other roles, which increases the fun of playing with sexy underwear.If you and your lover want to try role -playing, this series of sexy underwear is the best choice.

Perspective lace series

Permaneous lace is one of the classic styles of sexy underwear, which allows wearers to be sexy and mysterious.Permaneous lace is usually made in the cups and back areas of sexy underwear. It uses transparent lace and lace made of transparent lace and other fabrics to create an instant stunning effect.If you want to feel the mysterious and charming atmosphere in the trial room, the sexy underwear of seeing the lace series is a good choice.

Open pants series

Open pants series are the sexy underwear series designed for the strange sensation.The sexy underwear of this series is usually composed of a sexy position and a sexy upper body. Some styles may add other design elements, such as an open hanging strap.If you have a challenge and want to have a new experience, try to open the sexy underwear of the mouth of the mouth. It is a good choice.

Back split series

The back -opening series of sexy underwear usually refers to some sexy underwear with cracks or opening in the back, bringing a sexy visual experience to the wearer.The sexy underwear of this series has sexy, special attributes, and is usually used in sex atmosphere.If you want to experience the sexy and passionate atmosphere in the fitting room, the latter split series is very suitable for you.

Bra and underwear series

Bra and underwear are one of the most common and most classic styles in sexy underwear.They are made in various materials and styles, such as lace, silk, cotton and so on.The bra and underwear series usually have various designs, such as heart shape, young lady, princess, and so on.If you want to try comfortable sexy underwear in the test room, bra and underwear series are the best choices.

Ballet skirt series

Ballet skirts are one of the fine styles in sexy underwear, which are designed for the pursuit of beauty and sexy.It achieves unique sexy effects through special tailoring and carving styles.The sexy underwear of the ballet series usually uses luxurious lace and transparent fabrics to create an incredible sexy atmosphere.If you want to try pure and sexy sexy underwear in the fitting room, the ballet series is the best choice.

Bonding series

The fun underwear of the restraint series is usually used to create some unique erotic underwear effects.These erotic underwear have lace, hooks, and other similar items to achieve a series of different restraint movements and postures.Because the sexy underwear of this series is usually the most suitable for those who are interested in binding games in sex files, if you want to experience such games like this, the fun underwear of restraint series is a very good choice.

Swimsuit series

The swimsuit series is another classic style in sexy underwear.They are usually designed as mini swimsuits, straps and bead chains can increase the atmosphere of sexy underwear.The sexy underwear of the swimsuit series usually uses very shining and beautiful fabrics and designs.If you want to try the most gorgeous and charming sexy underwear in the fitting room, the swimsuit series is the best choice.


The sexy underwear show in the fitting room is a good experience.It allows you to get the real sexy underwear in a safe environment and make sure you choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.Whether you are preparing for your sexual adventure of you and your lover, or you want to make yourself feel more confident and sexy, sexy underwear is a perfect choice for you to be full of charm and attractiveness.

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