The heroine wears sexy underwear to show the male lead

Gentle sexy underwear

The heroine decided to give the actor a special evening.She chose a gentle sexy underwear in the sexy underwear shop, a pink lace chest with a pair of perspective lace pants.This set of sexy underwear makes her feel very sexy, but it will not make people feel too dazzling.

The perspective style that evokes the imagination of men

The heroine has put the sexy lingerie on her body, and she wants the actor to see her sexy and beautiful.She chose a perspective bra and G string stockings.Performing bras can evoke the imagination of men and make them even more excited.

Black wild underwear

When choosing a different style of sexy underwear, the heroine decided to tease the actor with black wild underwear.She chose a black hook needle chest with a pair of lace pants.This set of sexy underwear makes her feel brave and confident.

Sexy and decorative noble underwear

The heroine is interested in a noble sexy underwear.She hopes that this set of underwear can be sexy and can decorate her body.She chose a black lace bra, with a GS of Golden bead hem. This decorative underwear made her feel like a queen.

Dark color sexy underwear

After the heroine tried sexy underwear of various colors, she decided to try dark sexy underwear.She chose a set of black erotic underwear: a dark blue hook needle chest and a blue perspective G striker.She thinks this set of underwear is both elegant and sexy.

Queen Fan’s sexy underwear

Sometimes, the heroine wants to wear a sexy underwear that can perfectly show her queen -like temperament and gesture.She chose a set of sexy underwear with black feathers and bow, which made her feel very confident and sexy.

Pure white sexy underwear

The heroine wanted to try pure white sexy underwear. She chose a white lace sexy underwear and tied a white ribbon on her chest.This set of sexy underwear feels very pure, but sexy.

Freedom full of artistic erotic underwear

The heroine hopes to try a free and artistic lingerie.She chose a set of khaki sexy underwear and paired with a transparent hook corset and pants, which made her feel more free, mysterious, melancholy, and full of artistic atmosphere.

Sexy and stylish sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, the heroine will also choose some sexy and stylish styles.She likes to wear a star sequin inlaid sexy sexy underwear, and she is dazzling under the light.

Different types of underwear make women more confident

No matter what style of sexy underwear choose, the heroine can feel more strong confidence and sexy.Wearing a sexy underwear is not only to tease men, but also to make women feel more freedom and strength in their bodies and in their hearts.

in conclusion

When wearing sexy underwear, women can better understand their physical needs and desires, and can also use a more confident and brave attitude to welcome various challenges in life.

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