Tmall sex lingerie ranking rankings

Tmall sex lingerie ranking rankings

With the acceleration of the rhythm of life, people’s demand for emotions is getting higher and higher, which has also spawned the rapid development of the sexy underwear market.As an important sub -site of Taobao, Tmall’s sexy underwear store has also become a heavy sales place for many sexy underwear manufacturers and merchants.This article will introduce 10 shops in the top 10 stores in Tmall sex lingerie stores.

1. Aisha’s Sales Underwear Specialty Store

Aisha’s sexy underwear specialty store is one of Tmall’s highest sales of sexy underwear stores.Its product style is diverse, including adults, sexy underwear, European and American underwear, leather, etc., which are very suitable for various occasions.In addition, the after -sales service of the shop is also very in place, making customers feel very careful.

2. Little Women’s Sexy Loves Flagship Store

The little girl’s sexy lingerie flagship store is a romantic and passionate online store. Its products are also distributed by multi -country style. The style has strong personalized characteristics.The owner of the store has rich underwear technology and taste, different improved styles, making the body match more comfortable, sexy, and pleasant.

3. Zhaosi Swing Products Specialty Store

The Zhaosi Swing Products Specialty Store is a sexy underwear shop that integrates sexy underwear and adult products. It is also at the forefront of Tmall sales rankings.The products they operate include sex products, sexy underwear, handcuffs, whip, etc. The style is rich and colorful, so that all kinds of lovers can find their favorite products.

4. HM love underwear flagship store

HM love underwear flagship store is also a sexy underwear shop with women’s underwear design as its core.In the HN love underwear flagship store, customers can find a variety of sexy underwear. Whether it is three -dimensional tailoring or design style, it reflects the principle of "sexy, comfortable, and sexual enlightenment".

5. Bijoux Indiscrets flagship store

Bijoux Indiscrets flagship store is a very prestigious sexy underwear manufacturer in Europe, and its sales in Tmall stores are also very successful.The shop’s products are different. From leather products to lace gauze system, from simple matching to gorgeous luxury, it can be described as a brand that integrates excellent design and innovative technologies.

6. ASMARK sex clothing franchise store

ASMARK Fun Clothing Specialty Store is also a sexy underwear shop that ranks relatively high in Tmall.Its products include not only sex products, but also involve procurement of adult toys. The costumes such as clothing, high -quality leather and other underwear categories are allowed to make sexual life -free sexual nonsense.

7. Shiya My sexy underwear

Shiya My Fun Underwear is a sexy underwear store that has international quality, focusing on personality and innovation. It may be a relatively unpopular one among various brands, but it also has a certain market in Tmall’s sales.The products of this shop have a strong visual effect and dynamic, which is more attractive and intuitive than ordinary visual. The intentional design and quality is very popular with literary women.


Haiyin’s Poetry Innerwear flagship store is loved by everyone with luxurious grades and ultimate cost -effectiveness than other brands.The shop is comfortable and sufficient. There are many people who buy things. There is a little person in charge of the person who is not polite to customers. The patience service of the clerk is one of the most beautiful services for Tmall.

9. Zivan sex underwear

Zivan sex underwear has a good reputation in terms of appearance design and quality, and it is also the one with a good sales in Tmall’s sexy underwear stores.Its underwear is made of ladies printing, lace and other materials, allowing women to be sexy and comfortable after wearing it.In addition, the store also provides customers with high -quality after -sales service, which enhances the trust of customers’ shopping.

10. Loreti Piel erotic underwear franchise

The Lute Piel sex lingerie store is a dynamic and fashionable sexy underwear shop.The fun underwear style they sell attaches importance to women’s physiological structure and hobbies, thereby creating both the ideal sex and beauty in the minds of modern women.The store’s storage ability is also very good, providing people with more choices, so that people who pursue fashion trends show their sexy personality.

Viewpoint: The above Tmall sex lingerie store rankings are based on factors such as product styles, design, quality, and after -sales service sold by the store. They do not represent all the stores recommended by all stores.Be careful when shopping, consider your own needs and purchase budgets, and choose the most important thing for you.

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