Use old clothes to make sexy underwear

How to make sexy underwear with old clothes

Interest underwear is a sexy clothing, and the price is usually relatively high.If you want to save money, or just want to experience the feeling of making a sexy underwear yourself, then you can use your old clothes to make sexy underwear.Here are a few simple steps to help you make sexy underwear with old clothes at home.

1. Collect old clothes

You need to collect some old clothes.These clothes can be any type, but it is best to be thong, camisole, long -sleeved T -shirt, etc.These clothes can be cut and re -combined to make new sexy underwear.

Second, preparation tool

In addition to old clothes, you also need to prepare tools such as scissors, buttons, and square cardboards.Before making production, you should measure your body size to ensure that the underwear produced in fit your body.

3. Select styles

Choose a style to make sexy underwear.You can search for some reference pictures on the Internet, or refer to some sexy underwear styles.Then, according to the style you chose, cut old clothes into the required shape.

Fourth, measure the body size

Use a square cardboard to measure your body size.Put the square cardboard on your body and gently outline your body with a pencil.Then cut the outline, this is the template you need to make sexy underwear.

Five, tailoring

Use scissors to cut old clothes according to the template.Be careful to cut it carefully to avoid cutting out the whole clothes at one time.You can cut out a part first, try it out to see if the effect is suitable, if it is not suitable, then adjust.

6. Decoration

You can add some decorations to your sexy underwear, such as buttons, lace lace, and so on.These decorations can bring more sexy.

Seven, sewing

Switch the cut clothes together and make it into the underwear you need.When sewing, pay attention to the elasticity of the clothes, avoid excessive sewing, and cause uncomfortable wear.

Eight, try on

After the production is completed, try to wear underwear.If you need to modify, you can adjust it.If the underwear is suitable, you can show off your results on the party.

Nine, maintenance underwear

To ensure a good state of underwear, you need to clean and maintain in accordance with the instructions of the underwear.You can use warm water and gentle cleaning agent when cleaning.

10. Summary

If you like DIY, making sexy underwear with old clothes is a very meaningful thing.Although this is not a simple task, after you complete, your mood will become very happy.In addition, your hand -made sexy underwear will also be more suitable for your body, which will make you more comfortable when wearing.

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