Wang Kai wearing a sexy underwear video Daquan

Wang Kai wearing a sexy underwear video Daquan

At the moment when sexy underwear is hot, actor Wang Kai has also become the spokesperson for sex underwear.He wore different styles of sexy underwear, showing different sexy and charm.Let’s take a look at his sexy underwear video Daquan.

1. Tighten the sexy underwear before

When Wang Kai was wearing a front and sexy underwear, his thin body and sexy underwear formed a sharp contrast.The underwear is made of satin, which fully shows Wang Kai’s charm.

2. Full transparent sexy sprite

This underwear adopts a fully transparent design, and the beads inlaid on the chest are decorated with the shining light of Wang Kai.The sexy atmosphere created by the entire underwear is suffocating.

3. Pink lace sexy underwear

Pink lace sexy underwear makes Wang Kai even more delicate.Against this underwear, Wang Kai’s figure appears more charming, with inlaid sequins, full of temperament.

4. Both color low -cut sexy underwear

This two -color low -cut and sexy underwear makes Wang Kai’s body more sexy and charming.The low -cut design makes Wang Kai’s chest more upright, and the overall color matching shows a noble and cold temperament.

5. Black -haired fun underwear

Black -haired fun underwear showed Wang Kai’s handsomeness, and at the same time made him more sexy and charming.The hollow design makes the underwear more breathable and refreshing, and the details of the back are even more irritating.


This is a real strand of erotic underwear, don’t have a charm.The fabric of the thin cicada wings is very soft and comfortable, and at the same time, it also enhances Wang Kai’s figure curve, which makes people linger.

7. Safe pants sexy underwear

This safety pants sexy underwear is a more private style.Wang Kai put on this underwear, reflecting his unique charm, and also showed more possibilities for the diversity of sexy underwear.

8. Silk sex erotic lingerie

This silk sexy underwear is the best choice for Wang Kai to show his good figure.Against this underwear, Wang Kai’s figure lines are more beautiful, and the degree of sexy has increased a little bit, making people mouth saliva.

9. Tape sex erotic lingerie

This sexy lingerie has made Wang Kai more charming, and also fully demonstrated his tough male charm.The band -shaped design outlines Wang Kai’s body lines to the fullest.

10. Triangle hanging neck sexy underwear

The last piece of underwear is the triangle -hanging neck and sexy underwear displayed by Wang Kai.This simple and sexy style makes Wang Kai more elegant and charming.It is hard to imagine that Wang Kai after wearing underwear would be so charming.

The above is Wang Kai wearing a sexy underwear video. Various different underwear styles show the colorful charm of sexy underwear.Wearing erotic underwear is not only for sexy and charm, but also showing his unique temperament and personality.

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