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Sex underwear is a visual unique underwear, which aims to bring sexy and irritating to the wearer.Not only can improve self -confidence and self -esteem, but also increase the elements of interest and romance.For those who are unwilling to take off their underwear or want to better show their charm, it is a good choice to avoid erotic underwear.

What is free -free underwear?

Removing erotic underwear can cover the privacy of women well, and show a sexy curve without taking off the underwear.

Who is suitable for people?

Suitable for people who want to be more confident, charming and exciting in romantic occasions.This underwear is usually worn on Valentine’s Day, honeymoon travel, and lovers.

Material and design

Remove -free underwear is usually made of soft, elastic materials, and is usually processed by pure cotton, polyester, nylon, silk and other materials.These materials are often decorated with sexy and excellent texture by lace, hollow, sequins, and beads.

How to wear free and erotic underwear?

First of all, you have to buy a suitable for free sex underwear.Then, put the underwear into the body and adjust it a little, and the part of "see" and "hear" can be eliminated by appropriate fine -tuning.Finally, after adjusting, you can enjoy the charming effect, and texture and curves are displayed without taking off.

How to choose from free -range underwear?

The following principles should be followed:

1. Choose underwear suitable for your size, otherwise you will lose the effect of "free".

2. Select the right style according to your own body.If you are a fan of tight pants, you can choose a style of less wide and wide; if you care more about your breast modification, you can choose a thicker -free exemption underwear, such as adding a transparent tape style.

3. Determine your favorite materials and colors.It can be skin -like white or pearly color and other different colors and textures.

Different from sexy underwear and his sexy underwear

Although there are many old -fashioned lingerie and free sexy underwear, they are not exactly the same.Ordinary erotic underwear usually needs to take off to appreciate the curves and textures, and avoiding erotic underwear can enjoy the beauty without taking off.Therefore, it is more suitable for those who do not want to remove sex underwear.

Precautions for wearing free and erotic underwear

1. Before buying, please customize your free sex underwear to avoid excessive size or too small.

2. When wearing sexy lingerie, it is best to choose a low -key banquet or private picnic to show the beauty and charming of the underwear and avoid wearing in public as much as possible.

3. Pay attention to keeping, cleaning, and comfortable to keep it from the part of the body, which can better protect skin health in private parts and avoid humidity, sweltering or damage.

Removal of the maintenance and maintenance of sexy underwear

After wearing it, it is very important to clean and maintain in time.Observe the protection of cotton underwear, and pay attention to the following points:

1. Wash hands or cold water.

2. Use a neutral cleaner and avoid the use of bleach.

3. Do not rub or twist, just press the water gently.

4. Just dry it naturally at room temperature.

in conclusion

Removing sex underwear is a very good choice. It can display sexy and curves at the same time without taking off the underwear, and more sexy and mysterious.Buying underwear suitable for your own size and body shape is the most important thing to wear and maintain correctly.

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