Wear sex underwear and a car shock

Wear sex underwear and a car shock

In recent years, sexy underwear has more and more fun, and its functions have become richer.Among them, the way to enhance the relationship between husband and wife and add interest is to wear sexy underwear and a car shock.Below, this article will introduce the benefits of wearing a sexy underwear shock in multiple aspects, and there are some issues that need attention.

Choose sexy underwear to require sexy

Wearing a sexy underwear shock, first requires sexy underwear and is quite attractive.In this way, we can better promote the integration of emotions between couples.In addition, because the space in the car is relatively narrow, selective sexy underwear can make the passion of the car more wild and more passion.

Pay attention to the comfort of sexy underwear

Although wearing a sexy underwear can add the taste of husband and wife, it also needs to consider the comfort of wearing it.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider comfortable and looseness to avoid discomfort due to uncomfortable underwear when you do passion.

Choose sexy underwear suitable for your body

When choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to choose according to your body, and you cannot blindly pursue the style you want.Because wearing inappropriate underwear, it will not only reflect the physical problems, but also destroy the visual effect of the overall sensation.

Hygiene is even more important

Although the behavior of using a sexy underwear vehicle is very eye -catching in the eyes of some people, it is also important to note that health problems are also very important.Therefore, before using sexy underwear, it is necessary to ensure that it is clean and use proper disinfectant (but not irritating).Putting sexy underwear for a long time because it is not cleaned frequently, it is very unfavorable to physical health.

Find the right interior space

During the car shock, the size of the space in the car is also a problem that cannot be ignored.Because sexy underwear is less than ordinary pajamas, it is necessary to consider the freedom in the car when choosing the space in the car to ensure that the car shock is smoother.

Don’t shock in the place where there are many people

If you want to experience the feeling of sexy lingerie, you must also consider the problem of the place.Because this is a private thing, it is best not to do it in a dense crowded place to avoid being discovered and embarrassed by others.

Riding a husband’s waistline to have sex

It is also best to avoid and pay attention to danger, that is, the driver and passengers do a good job of seat belt and prevention in their respective positions, and then sit on the husband, surround the husband’s body, and cooperate with the husband’s strength and rhythm., Very intense and exciting.

Not to be lifted

When the car is shocked, it is also necessary to prevent the sexy underwear from being exposed. Even if it is entangled in the husband, you can also consider the use of safety bags and other items to fix it to avoid accidents in intense exercise.

Final point of view

When making a sexy underwear shock, you also need to consider some emotional factors, and according to your ability, you can properly control your feelings and emotions.In general, when the sexy underwear is shocking, her husband needs to respect the feelings and willingness of the other half, so that the woman can get enough love and care in order to increase the integration of the husband and wife.

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