Wear sex underwear on the first day after marriage

On the first day after marriage, wearing a sexy underwear: What you need to know

For many newlywed couples, the first day after marriage is a very special day.Many women may consider wearing sexy underwear on this day, thinking that this special night adds a romance and passion.But for many people, it is not easy to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.Here are some things you need to know:

Fairy underwear that suits you

First of all, you need to choose your body and personality that is best for your own sexy underwear.Some styles may look sexy, but may not be suitable for everyone.When you try to penetrate new sexy underwear, make sure it can fit your body comfortably, rather than too tight or too loose.

Color and material

Second, you need to know how to choose the color and material that is best for you.Light or bright sexy underwear may be more noticeable, but you must also make sure it is suitable for your skin tone.Similarly, your underwear material is also very important.Cotton underwear will be more breathable, and underwear such as silk or lace texture will be softer and comfortable.

Quality and budget

Another factors that need to be considered are quality and budget.When you buy a sexy underwear, you not only want to choose the one that suits you best, but also ensure that it has enough quality and can be continuously used.Although your budget may also be a factor, choosing a higher quality of sexy underwear will be more lasting and can increase your confidence and charm.

Style selection

When you choose a style, remember to consider your personality and physical form.Many underwear can be described as a variety of tricks, including bra, briefs, G-String, etc.Different styles are suitable for different physical forms. You need to ensure that the selected style matches as possible with your body as much as possible to make you feel confident and comfortable.

Special Occasion

If you need to choose sexy underwear on special occasions, you can consider adopting more fancy and interesting styles.For example, you can choose a pink lace underwear suit, or a bikini underwear suit blooming in Japanese kimono.

Matching details

After putting on underwear suits, you also need to consider the details of the matching.For example, you can choose to wear necklaces or bracelets that are consistent with underwear suits to increase the style and characteristics of your entire shape.In addition, choosing high heels can make your body taller and charming.


Finally, when you choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you also need to know how to use and maintain it correctly.First of all, you need to follow the washing instructions and do not wash underwear and other clothes together.Secondly, it is recommended to wash underwear in hand and do not use a dryer to avoid damage to details and materials.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear can increase the romance and passion between husband and wife, but you need to choose the suits your underwear.When you buy and put on a sexy underwear suit, you need to pay special attention to factors such as style, color, material, quality and budget.After putting it on it, choose the details and accessories to match, and pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the underwear.The most important thing is that you should choose the most suitable underwear to make your inner beauty show more clearly.

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