Wear sex underwear with sex products

Wear sex underwear with sex products

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular, which has made many women want to put on them with interest.Not only that, there are many sexy underwear additional sex products to increase user experience.In this article, we will explore how to use sex products while wearing sexy underwear to increase interest and fun.

1. Understand different types of sexy underwear

When wearing sexy underwear, we must first understand different types of sexy underwear.In essence, interest underwear is divided into two types: external and internal wear.Outside -style sexy underwear is usually used for sexy performances or danced, and the inner sexy underwear is used for daily wear styles.Therefore, when choosing to use sex products, you need to understand your sexy lingerie style in order to choose the correct accessories.

2. Sex lingerie additional sex products

Many erotic lingerie with sex products to increase experience.For example, there may be detachable handcuffs or leather whip may be attached to some sexy underwear.These sex products can make your sex process more interesting and exciting.

3. Use a vibrator

The vibrator is one of the most common sex products, which can be used to stimulate the body.In the case of wearing sexy underwear, you can use the vibrator to stimulate the sensitive parts to make you climax faster.

4. Use a massage stick

The massage stick can make you feel more relaxed when using sexy underwear.Simply use the massage stick to massage your body, which can help you relax and prepare for sex.

5. Use oral sex vibration ring

Oral sex vibration ring is a kind of sex product, which makes your oral sex process more interesting.It can help you get stronger excitement and make you more excited.

6. Use G -point vibrator

The G -point vibrator is a sexual product that allows women to reach the climax faster.In the case of wearing a sexy underwear, you can use a G -point vibrator to stimulate your G point to get stronger sexual pleasure.

7. Use penetrating sexy underwear

Permination of sexy underwear is a unique sexy underwear. It has small holes and can pass the sex products through underwear.This sexy underwear allows you to easily use sex products without having to worry about them falling.

8. Use massage oil

Massage oil can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed when using sexy underwear.Massage the whole body with massage oil can help you relax your body and relieve stress.

9. Use a sexy eye cover

Sexual eye masks can help you feel more relaxed in sex and increase interest.It makes you feel more sensitive and let you enjoy intimate moments.

10. Viewpoint

Use sexy underwear additional sex products can make your sex process more interesting and exciting.These sex products can make your body more stimulus and let you enjoy intimate moments.When using sexy underwear and sex products, make sure you are safe, relaxed and happy.

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