Wear sexy underwear with your boyfriend

Wear sexy underwear with your boyfriend

Many people may think of sexy and unique designs for sexy underwear.But in fact, wearing erotic underwear is also a way to increase interest and create romance.If you want to try with your boyfriend, the suggestions below may bring you some inspiration.

1. Start from comfort

Material is one of the factors that need to be given priority when choosing sexy underwear.If you don’t want to feel itchy or uncomfortable, you can choose cotton, silk or soft fabrics.

2. Choose a style suitable for both parties

Everyone has different definitions of sexy and comfort, and it is particularly important to choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style.From a variety of considerations such as body shape, body, personality, temperament, etc., choosing a style suitable for both parties will not have a romantic atmosphere, nor will it be embarrassing.

3. Study different colors

Color is an important part of sexy underwear.Different colors will also bring different interests.Bright colors such as red and pink usually bring more passion, while soft colors such as lilac and dark blue may make people feel more romantic and tender.

4. Combined with scenes with underwear

To create romance in sex underwear, then matching scenes is also a very important part.For example, you can prepare a candlelight dinner or a comfortable bed for the two to enjoy the pleasant feeling brought by the soft and comfortable sexy lingerie together.

5. Understand each other’s preferences

To create a more emotional erotic underwear atmosphere, it is essential to understand each other’s preferences.Considering the personality, temperament and favorite color of the other party, you can choose the corresponding sexy underwear, thereby increasing the attractiveness and intimacy of both parties.

6. Try different styles

When choosing a sexy underwear, try more different styles.For example, corset, bikini pants, lace perspectives, etc., each sexy underwear has different characteristics and characteristics, which can have a different impact on the romantic atmosphere of both parties.

7. Pay attention to the details of the details

If you want to achieve extreme romance and interest, you need to pay attention to the details of details.For example, you can use high heels, stockings, rose petals, etc. to add interest to the entire atmosphere.

8. Communication and communication

It is very important to maintain and communicate when wearing sex underwear.You can share your thoughts and expectations with the other half, so that the other party can better understand your needs and ideas, or you can create it according to the wishes of both parties.

9. No need to force perfection

In the process of wearing sex lingerie, you don’t have to force perfection.Everyone’s body has its own uniqueness. If you find that some sexy underwear is not suitable or uncomfortable, then don’t try it barely.The most important thing is to bring a sense of fit and intimacy.

10. Enjoy the entire process

The process of wearing sex underwear is not to achieve the purpose of sex or sex.You can see it as a romantic thing, enjoy the whole process at the same time, and share beautiful time and emotions with the other half.This will be more meaningful and unforgettable.

in conclusion

Wearing sexy underwear can increase interest and create a romantic atmosphere, but during the dressing process, you also need to maintain communication, grasp details, and follow the preferences of both parties in order to achieve better results.The most important thing is to enjoy the entire process, make the two parties closer, and feel good time and emotions.

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