Zibo Hotels Hot Underwear Hotel

Background introduction

In the recent sexy underwear market, a hotel in Zibo launched a new service: sending sex underwear.The hotel claims to enrich the guest’s check -in experience, but this move has triggered a series of arguments and discussions.

Service Content

According to the hotel’s introduction, the sexy underwear they provided is high -quality and suitable for women to wear.There are also different types and styles for guests to choose from.Each room provides multiple sizes, so that guests can choose their own suitable sex underwear.These sexy underwear will be retracted when the guests leave, and they will be used again after cleaning and disinfection.

Industry response

The hotel’s service immediately caused a huge response in the industry.Some people expressed their support and believe that such services can improve the satisfaction of guests.But some people are worried that this service will be considered to violate the privacy of guests.At the same time, some people think that this service will cause more trouble, especially when organizing sex underwear, accidents may occur.

Legal Issues

Although it is a sexual product, sexy underwear is not illegal.However, there may be some legal issues that provide such services at the same time.For example, hotels must ensure the consent of the guests to provide sexy underwear services.Otherwise, hotels may be accused of infringing the privacy of guests.

Private issues

Hotels need to ensure the confidentiality of guests’ personal information, especially when guests provide their size information.This may be controversial, because some people think that hotel staff should not know the personal information of guests.The hotel needs to take necessary measures to protect the information of the guests.

Guest response

Some guests say they will choose this hotel in the future because the service makes them feel popular and provide additional enjoyment.But some guests are dissatisfied with this, thinking that this service will make them embarrassed and uncomfortable.Some people think that this service may increase the price, which may make them dissatisfied.

Potential risk of service

This service may also have potential risks.For example, some people may have cameras or other eavesdropping equipment hidden in these sexy underwear to monitor guests.To prevent this, hotels need to take necessary safety measures.

Market possible impact

This service may have some impact on the market.Other hotels may begin to provide similar services to meet the needs of guests.This may also lead to an increase in sales of sexy underwear in the market.


To ensure the success of this service, hotels need to take necessary measures to reduce potential risks and problems.For example, hotels can provide better privacy protection measures to allow guests to choose sexy underwear by themselves without interference.Hotels can also provide employees with training to ensure that they fully understand the importance of the privacy of guests.

in conclusion

In general, the hotel service of Zibo’s sex underwear has attracted people’s attention.This service can provide guests with a new check -in experience, but it has also triggered some potential problems.The hotel needs to consider these issues, and take necessary measures to ensure the privacy and security of the guests, and maintain a good business reputation.